July 5, 2005

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Fill up the form below if you have any enquiries for me.

Some guidelines about enquiries:
1. If you're gonna ask very general questions like, "I'm 18, Chinese male, living in Sembawang. How do I build muscles?" or "I'm 24, Malay female, 60kg. How do I lose weight?", please, refer to Top Articles on the right panel of Fabodylous. Your answers are already there. If you have very specific questions that has short answers, I'll probably answer it. Do understand that I have to be fair to my paying customers, so I reserve the right to not answer your questions. If you're interested in my personal training services, feel free to inquire about it.

2. If you're interested in advertising or sponsoring Fabodylous, please feel free to inquire about our services. I'll be happy to send you my blog statistics to ensure your confidence in Fabodylous' marketing ability.

3. Words of encouragement and hellos are welcomed too! :)

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