January 14, 2010



Science is advancing at the speed of light nowadays. Not too long ago, a group of scientists found a miracle substance (1-2-germiciphylo-alpha-ketoaespharic) after 10 years of relentless research at the National University of Singapore! When tested on 100 male participants, the participants showed an average increase of 8kg of muscle mass and loss of 12kg of fat - WITH NO EXERCISE AT ALL AND IN JUST 12 WEEKS!! One participant gained an astonishing 14kg of muscle and lost 23kg of fat!!

This substance was then launched as Perfect BodyRx by Fatbodyless Inc. and in just after 3 months after the launch, Fatbodyless received a tremendous amount of testimonials and appreciation letters!

"I'm a typical skinny Chinese guy studying in NYP. My dad bought a bottle of Perfect BodyRx for me two weeks ago. I just studied and studied and never touched any weights. But now, I've gained 8kg of muscle and I have a fantastic chest!"
- Pek Toh Rew, 19

"Before taking Perfect BodyRx, I was 82kg and no boys would look at me. Now, after two months of taking it, I weigh just 48kg! And a hot guy just asked me out for a date!"
-Nor Dayeting bt. Formi

"I used to have a huge ass, sad to say. But just after A WEEK on Perfect BodyRx, I've developed the cute ass I've always wanted! Now I'm wearing skinny jeans everyday!"
-Chan SianQi

Tens of thousands have tried it and we have not heard of anyone getting less than unbelievable results. Your trainer will never tell you this! This is it! Even stars including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson take (or was taking) Perfect BodyRx to look great!

Perfect BodyRx is the solution to dieting, exercising and supplements that don't work! Don't fall for those inferior methods of weight loss ever again!

What are you waiting for? Call 1800 - Perf - 3312 NOW to order a one-month supply of Perfect BodyRx for just $23.45!!!

Still not convinced?!?! Look at the before and after photos of our most successful customers!!!


Ok, if it's not obvious enough, Perfect BodyRx does not exist, even though many of us do wish that it did. Did any of you guys believe that ad? If you did, well, I guess some of you need to face the truth - there's no shortcut when it comes to getting that fantastic hot bod! And there's lots of scams like this that really do exist. But as you can see, it's just that easy to create false hope in people. Real results come from real efforts. There's no shortcuts, but if you continue reading Fabodylous, we'll make sure that you'll reach your destination as fast as you possibly can. So, sorry to say, it's back to the gym and dieting.


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