January 29, 2010

The Ultimate Challenge! I Must Gain 5kg+ of Muscle in a Month or Shave My Head BALD!!

So, Muscle War 2010 is over and what a competition it was! However, to tell you the truth, I was disappointed with my placing. I know I can do better next year if I improve dramatically, especially gaining more mass. So now it's back to bulking up. And I'm NOT going to let this period be a boring, repetitive, monotonous period. So I'm going to create a challenge for myself, and let you guys participate in it too!

Here's the deal!
Starting from 25th January 2010 until 25th February 2010, if I don't gain at least 5kg of muscle mass AND still look lean, I will shave my head, like this -

Unfortunately, I'm not Ronnie Coleman and I'm Chinese! So I won't look THAT good being bald, k?


There will be some other terms and conditions too.

1. This challenge will only take effect IF this blog has at least 50 followers by 25th Feb 2010!!
2. And to make it more challenging, for every additional 30 followers after 50, I have to gain another 1kg of muscle mass!

You can follow me by clicking on Follow on the panel on the right side of the blog that looks like this-

So, as of 25th January 2010, my weight is...


Just to prove to you guys that I'm not lying, here's a video that will clear all doubts-

So challenge me! Follow this blog!


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