April 17, 2010

For You I Write

Hello my dear readers, I just wanna get a message around here. If you think about it,

Who will stay from 10am to 8pm, thirsty and feeding on a protein shake for a day to cover the Singapore Bodybuilding Nationals for a website?

And who will spend the 48 hours after that editing, uploading and blogging about it with only 5-6 hours of sleep?

And for ZERO pay.

Who else other than me, Lai Wee Kiat, author of Fabodylous?

And why do I do it for?

For the readers. Yes, for you. And I'm willing to continue doing this, and more - on one sensible condition. As long as there ARE readers. In only three and a half months, Fabodylous has grown to a blog with a few dozen readers to a blog with several hundred readers a day. But as of 17th April 2010, Fabodylous has only 33 followers, and over 200 members on its Facebook group.

So support this blog! Click here to find out how. Plus, help me build this blog by commenting on the posts. Other than that, if you have an idea of how to improve Fabodylous, email me at fabodylous@gmail.com. And if you do, Fabodylous will bring you more diet, training and supplement tips and more contest coverage!

In fact, I'm getting other top bodybuilders to help me with the contents of Fabodylous. So, you'll get better advice from people who has been there and done that.

P.s. Other than me, someone else has contributed a lot to the Singapore bodybuilding scene, and for a longer period than me too. His name is Tony Tong and if you check out his Youtube channel here, you will find out why.

Train hard!


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