April 20, 2010

Supplement Review: Nutri-ForeFront Scorch Remix

Since I've started preparing for Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010, I added a fat burner to my arsenal - Nutri-ForeFront Scorch Remix.

So, let's talk about Scorch.

Here are the ingredients.

And here's a short explanation about each ingredient.

EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) - increases thermogenesis
Caffeine - increases thermogenesis too
Xantinol Nicotinate - increases ATP (for short-term burst of energy) production, dilates blood vessels, and improves short-term memory (Note: its effects are more prominent towards mental focus)
Raspberry Ketones - increases lipolysis and prevents fat synthesis
Evodiamine - increases bodily chemical reactions and therefore, metabolism/thermogenesis
Forskolin - activates fat-burning enzymes and increases testosterone production too!
Ginger root - diaphoretic (increases sweating) and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism
Synephrine -increases fat burning and suppresses appetite
Bioperine - helps the body to utilise nutrients more efficiently

The first thing I noticed about Scorch is its thermogenic (increase in metabolism) effect, awakening effect and energy-giving effect. Really, this stuff really keeps me up. However, I can't take full dose. It gives me insomnia. THAT'S how powerful it is. Try taking 2 in the morning and if you feel it's ok, you can increase your intake. Recommended dosage is 3 capsules per serving, twice a day.

Oh, and another that I always look for when choosing a fat burner is a comprehensive ingredient list. If you look around for fat burners, you might notice that some fat burners have maybe two or three main ingredients whereas others may have dozens and dozens of ingredients! If I'm on a budget and I can only choose one fat burner, I'll choose the one with many ingredients. That's because fat burners can induce weight loss via dozens of ways! (E.g. Increase metabolism, increase preference of fat as an energy source, increase fat-burning hormones, decrease synthesis/absorption of fat, etc.) So more ingredients = more fat-burning mechanisms tackled!

O yea, there's one more thing I like about Scorch. Do you notice it? You won't need to be a supplement expert to notice it. Scorch does not have any proprietary blend! So, I know how much of what ingredients am I getting in every dose! No hidden dosages!

Lastly, because it's a fat burner, my girlfriend wanted some of it too. So I split the bottle with her. And damn, she did lose quite a significant amount of weight using Scorch! It's pretty obvious by her overall look. (I don't know how much weight though. She doesn't even tell me that! Sssshh.. Sensitive issue).

However, my girlfriend used the maximum dose of 3 capsules per serving twice a day. And that's meant for big bodybuilders! And Scorch is already powerful! So yes, there are side effects.

And I'm the victim. :(

She played Pet Society on my Facebook. And she created a girl! Now my profile's all sissy!! Here's the comments on the Pet Society photo album on my Facebook.

Guys, take my advice, NEVER let your girlfriend take the recommended serving amount for Scorch.

In conclusion, I would probably look around and see if there's any formula better than Scorch since there are plenty of comprehensive fat burners out there. If there isn't any better than Scorch, I'll go back to using it.

O yea, just a short note, I got Scorch from Nutri-ForeFront which I discovered, has a large community of fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts on their forum! So if you guys wanna share some knowledge or get some free tips, check it out!
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