May 7, 2010

About Me

Hi, I'm Wee Kiat, author of Fabodylous bodybuilding and fitness blog. I've been into bodybuilding ever since I first laid my hands on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding 9 years ago at 11 years of age. As a skinny kid looking for inspiration, images of Arnold and his peers have inspired me to commit my time, effort and basically my life to bodybuilding.

My arms were thinner than the scroll!!

Although unable to train as hard as I wanted to during my early teens due to lack of facilities (and lack of testosterone) in my hometown, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I continued to pursue my passion, reading as much as I possibly could from magazines, books and online sources.

Fast forward to the present, I'm currently studying at the National University of Singapore, actively involved in reporting bodybuilding events and contributing to the fitness and weight training community. And yes, I'm training and eating like a monster now, like how I wish I could when I was younger. :) And after lots of struggling and fighting the odds, I've successfully transformed that skinny stick you see above into a fairly buffed body. I'm also still gathering as much knowledge as I can and I'm gladly sharing them on Fabodylous.

Speaking of Fabodylous, it has now grown to be the most read and recognised blog in the Malaysian and Singaporean bodybuilding, fitness and weight training community. I blog about tips on training, dieting, motivation and as a specialization, supplementation. I also report local bodybuilding events and post some random and funny posts, because after all, we're humans.

My vision for Fabodylous is to inspire and guide all who have looked into the mirror and decided to change their body for the better and also youngsters like the 11-year old boy that I was, looking for inspiration. I want to change the fitness and bodybuilding world, making it bigger and more accessible to more people. I also want to bring to light people who have achieved great feats in this growing sport (yes, the idea of this sport is to grow. Pun intended. :D ).

I want to tell you guys sincerely from the bottom of my heart, that I'm looking for loyal readers and supporters. I want to build a community, where we can share our passion together. So follow Fabodylous, read it often, link us from your site and join our Facebook group. Suggestions, encouragement and constructive criticism are always welcomed. Kindly email them to With your support, you can bet that I'll continue writing honest, down-to-earth, and even better and funnier posts.

To anyone who is interested in promoting their products on Fabodylous, you're welcomed to express your interest. Website statistics, along with any other required information will be shown to you to ensure your confidence in Fabodylous' advertising strength.

Lastly, thanks for being a loyal reader of Fabodylous and I wish you all the best in your bodybuilding, physique and fitness goals!

Train hard!

Yours truly,

Lai Wee Kiat


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