June 17, 2010

Magnum ® Nutraceuticals Asia 2010 Best Biceps Photo Contest!!

Hello my fellow readers!

So, here's the situation. I've ran out of supplements (I mean my personal supply. The supplement store is fully stocked!). But instead of getting it from my store, I think I'll get it FREE!! Why not? Since Magnum Nutraceuticals is having a photo contest on Facebook!

So here is how it goes - submit your photo, name and contact number to contest@hardmagnum.com.sg. Then, your photo will appear on their contest album and the photo with the most "likes" wins!

Click on the photo below to check out my entry!

So please vote for me guys and gals! Would really appreciate it if you do!

And for those who think that you can defeat me, oh fine, go ahead and submit your own photo!

P.s. If you can't "like" the photo, that's because you need to join the group first.


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