July 25, 2010

Ronnie Coleman in Singapore: Update #1

For those of you who are excited about Big Ronnie Coleman coming to Singapore, here's some information about it!

Tentatively, Ronnie will touchdown in Singapore between 18th to 20th August. There's two reasons why Ronnie is in our little island in the first place. Firstly, he is here to attend the premier of the new star-studded, action-packed movie, The Expendables. Secondly, Ronnie will be giving a seminar to a limited number (more of less fifty) of lucky meatheads.. er... I mean bodybuilders at The Gym at Orchard, which is owned by Adrian Tan, Mr Singapore 2006. Speaking of Gym at Orchard, I just had a workout there! Will write about it soon!

If you want free tickets to watch The Expendables with Ronnie Coleman, all you need to do is email your full name and contact number to info@sfbf.org.sg. Tickets are free but limited, so be quick! And priority will be given to physique athletes (bodybuilders, fitness & figure competitors). Don't worry, there are plenty of tickets for fans of Big Ronnie, so do send in your emails, even if you're not a physique athlete.

However, for the training seminar with Ronnie Coleman, spaces are very limited (around 50) and EXCLUSIVE only to physique athletes only, and not every physique athlete will get a chance to attend the seminar. Most of the spaces are already given out as a special invitation. If you're interested in attending the seminar, please email info@sfbf.org.sg with your full name, contact number, competition history and any other involvement in the bodybuilding or fitness industry.

The organization and company who are behind this special event are SFBF (Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) and PAA (Physique Athletes Association).

SFBF is a newly-established bodybuilding federation in Singapore that is affiliated with the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) and is aiming to bring new opportunities to bodybuilders in Singapore to compete in higher levels of competition and even earn pro status in the IFBB. Get ready for more contests and happenings from SFBF soon!

SFBF is not to be confused with SBBF (Singapore Bodybuilding Federation) which has no affiliation with the IFBB, no opportunities for pro status and barely gives any remuneration and rewards to its athletes.

PAA is a one-0f-the-kind talent scouting agency, seeking physique athletes, both male and female to play roles in relevant medias, such as movies and ads. The PAA is the number agency in Asia representing physique athletes, and is positioned at the forefront of physique model management and discovery of new physique talent.

Click here for to check out SFBF's website.

And here to check out PAA's website.

Post Edit: The event's over! Click here to view how was it! - Ronnie Coleman


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