September 27, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia Season 2


What better way to motivate a group of people to shed off the pounds and inspire people across Asia to start their weight loss journey other than a televised competition and of course, a huge load of cash - US$100'00 to be exact?

Well, that's exactly the point of The Biggest Loser Asia! Other than advertise sponsors, increase television ratings, sell products, of course. So, speaking of The Biggest Loser, Season 2 just started! I could only catch the auditions because I was in a rush to somewhere else. However, the auditions itself did touch me deeply. Seeing these people who are looked down upon by society because of their nasty genetics just makes me wanna blog more about weight loss. And just fyi, these people were telling experiences of how their weight has bogged them down in life to the judges. Some of them cried while telling them.

And I noticed something else too. The fattest people are from Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia can)! Oh wait, this is not a good thing. But hey, it signifies how good Malaysian food is! And fyi again, I'm back home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for this week and mmm... yum, food is definitely so much better than in Singapore. Cheaper too! And yes, The Biggest Loser Asia is held in Putrajaya, Malaysia for this season.

There was a Malaysian lady who auditioned to be on the show. And she was the heaviest person to audition at 250kg! Keep in mind that most of the people who auditioned (who are already supersized) are in the vicinity of 110-180kg. This lady shadows all of them. Unfortunately, she didn't make it onto the show, perhaps because of health and safety reasons. But hey, weight loss companies, quick, find her! Bet she'll be great publicity for you guys if you could help her shed the pounds! Plus, you'll save a life. :)

Now, let's go on to the contestants of the show. Here's the info of the 16 contestants on this season's show. The ones tinted blue are already out of the show.

Hmm... do you noticed something wrong here? This is Biggest Loser ASIA and a white guy is kicking the Asians' asses! Come on guys! WTF!!

Here's some other photos from the first episode.

Yea, flex it big boy!

And oh! I want to talk about the hostess of the show, Marion Caunter. Isn't she sooo super duper pwetty? I met her at Malaysian Idol when I was 15. Very pleasant lady. Took me awhile to be brave enough to ask her for a photo. This was at the Malaysian Idol after-party. I got in because my church member eventually won the contest. And yes, I was 15, with no muscles, no sense of grooming and no social skills, so keep your expectations low.

Here's Marion with a fat kid.


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Click here to go to the Biggest Loser Asia's official website.


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