September 21, 2010

Mass Gain Diet for Students


So what do I eat on a daily basis to bulk up? For those of you guys who are in the same circumstances as me - being a university student who is always lacking time to study and work out, low on budget, and yea, lazy at times, this diet is just right for you!

This diet is simple, easy-to-prepare, easy-to-memorize, not too pricey and gives you what you need to build some decent mass. It's so simple that I don't write it down. It just stays in my head. And it really is what I eat on a daily basis. Thus, it's a proof that university students who want to get in shape don't need to rely only instant noodles for a quick meal.

Meal One (9.30am) - Eggs and oatmeal
Meal Two (12pm) - 3 scoops of True Mass
Meal Three (2.30pm) - Eat out
Meal Four (5pm) - Tuna and oatmeal
Meal Five (8pm) - Beef and broccoli
Workout (9pm)
Meal Six (12am)- Beef, broccoli and almonds

As for portions, I'm not sure exactly what are the weight of the food I consume, but I'm consistent. What I mean is, everything is measurable in a way. Eggs can be counted, oatmeal is measured by number of scoops, tuna by number of cans and beef number of pieces. I always have the same portion of food everyday. However, time and time again, I'll review my portions and if I'm not gaining lean mass, I'll increase them.

So, I hope this simple diet article has shown you university guys that dieting for mass while studying is not impossible. Hey, if I can do it, so can you! Oh, and if you're wondering how I cook the food in a jiffy, well, that will be coming up soon! So stay on Fabodylous!

Train hard!

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