September 25, 2010

Mr Olympia 2010 Review - Prejudging

Oh yeah! The pre-judging of Mr Olympia 2010 is over and what a pre-judging it was! This year, most of the top guys nailed it and in turn, make us bite our nails wondering who will be crowned Mr Olympia tomorrow.

The two top guys who have the highest chance of winning is Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. And from the forums (which is being spammed like crazy), it seems that most of the fans are rooting for Jay, some for Phil, fans of hardcore training are backing up Branch Warren and fans of aesthetics are gunning for Dexter. As for me, I'm rooting for Heath, because of his round muscle bellies, crazy hamstrings, super dry conditioning and superb stage presence. Plus, I love to see a new bodybuilder being crowned Mr Olympia. Especially a young one such as Phil. Well, we'll see tomorrow.

The biggest disappointment of the evening was Kai Greene. It might be water, it might be Kai came in the contest too heavy, but in short, Kai's lines weren't as clear as when he competed in the Arnold Classic. Kai is probably gonna place in the vicinity of 5th to 7th place unless he makes a drastic condition during the finals. Another bodybuilder who did not appear at his best is Roelly Winklaar, who wasn't in the first 3 callouts. Many thought that he could be in the top 8 or top 6 prior to the contest. However, he turned out kinda soft during the pre-judging and that didn't get him into the top 3 callouts.

On the other hand, some guys appeared in the best shapes of their competitive career... so far. First is Ronnie Rockel, who was in a callout with the top four guys. He may indeed be the dark horse of this contest and be in the running of a top 6 position. Another bodybuilder who surprised everyone was Dennis Wolf. Dennis had a horrible experience last year at the Mr Olympia when had the biggest position drop in two consecutive Mr Olympias ever in history (I'm not sure it's official though). He went from 4th place in 2008 to out of the top 15 in 2009. Dennis blamed it on the gurus he has worked with and didn't get him in shape. This time, he trained alone and the results are astounding. Dennis is a contender for the top 6 spots.

All in all, this is the BEST conditioned line up in Olympia history. NO ONE came out of shape and looking like they don't belong onstage. And remember, 24 hours can make loads of difference. So if you think that all the positions are set in stone, get ready to be surprised!

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