October 26, 2010

Video Shoot With Kuek Zi Yi


Hi guys! May I introduce to you the up-and-coming fitness and sports portal of Singapore - FitnessSutra.com! Do take a look at the website and create your own account. Click here!

It's something like Facebook, but for the fitness and sporting community. Share with others your training methods, goals and motivation and read articles and weekly interviews with local athletes from various sports! And since FS is constantly growing, do email them any suggestions you have to make the website better for you! FS is based in Singapore but foreign readers, do join if you want to get to know Singaporean chicks culture better. Remember, the web is never limited to a certain location. Thus, the more foreign subscribers FS gets, the more international content will appear.

Fitness Sutra is now updating its exercise database and we'll, first things first, time to shoot the videos.

Our gym for the day, Mr Singapore 2006 Adrian Tan's gym, the Gym AT Orchard!

Click here to find out more about TGAO!

Our model for the day, national Singaporean inline skater and Ms Singapore Universe 2010 finalist, Kuek Zi Yi!

Sure, click here to stalk her, err.. I mean join her Facebook fanpage.

Here are several photos from the shoot.

Mmm... Battle scars on her knees.

And to wrap it all up! :D

Does Zi Yi looks familiar to you? Wondering where could you possibly have you seen her? That's right! In a shampoo ad!

Happy Halloween! :D

Ok ok, and perhaps you've seen her in FHM men's magazine too.

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P.s. Zi Yi is taking part in Miss Singapore South East Asia 2010 happening now!
Click here for more info about the event and to support Zi Yi!


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