November 26, 2010

Should I Start Bodybuilding?

Hi Wee Kiat,

May I know how old are you? I am 18 years old, staying in Singapore and I plan to start bodybuilding when I'm 21. My body fat is 20%, my waist is 33 inches and my chest is 41 inches. Am I considered fat?

Hi bro,

I'm 20 this year. I think bodybuilding is something that you do based on passion and how much you want to do it, not because of your current shape. Do you WANT to be a bodybuilder? Are you willing to eat six meals a day, spend on supplements and push your limits in the gym? That's the question you should be asking instead of whether your current condition is considered fat or not. About your current condition, you're pretty much ok when you compare yourself with other non-bodybuilders. But if you want to compete in the sport, you're up against the best, not against the average. And most of these guys on stage has sub-30 inch waist and single digit fat percentage while maintaining a 40-plus inch chest (or 50 plus). So if your answer to these questions is a 'yes', then see you on stage in 3 years!

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