February 20, 2011

Flex Pro Show 2011 - The Biggest Upset of the Year

flex pro show 2011

I know that the Flex Pro is just the first bodybuilding event of 2011. However, bodybuilding icons such as emcee Lonnie Teper and writer Dave Palumbo were right that if former Dexter Jackson did not win this show, it'll be the biggest upset in 2011 and nothing is gonna beat it. Plus, none of the other top dogs of bodybuilding joined the event. No Jay Cutler (duh), Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Victor Martinez and Branch Warren. Did I forget anyone?

Just in case you're lost, 2008 Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson placed 2nd to the Evan Centaponi, who is quite a newbie in professional bodybuilding. That's so OMG, right?

Firstly, congratulations to Evan (if he ever happens to drop by my blog) for winning his second professional contest. That's two wins out of two professional contests that he has ever join. Pretty fantastic record so far, don't you think so? Plus, Evan is young (for this sport). He's turning 29 this year, years younger than most IFBB pros who are in their 30s and some who are already in their 40s. Other than huge, muscular, ripped and any other physical praises I can give to Evan, I would say that Evan is a smart guy. Instead of rushing into contests as soon as he turned pro, Evan trained for two years before entering the New York Pro 2009 show, won it, trained for another two years, entered this year's Flex Pro and won it too! Evan is definitely rising to be a juggernaut in the bodybuilding industry.

Now let's talk about the sensitive issue of Dexter Jackson losing to someone who has competed only twice professionally. One thing to note, however, that Dexter wasn't in his best shape at the Flex Pro. Instead, he's preparing for the Arnold Classic, which is, as of now, less than two weeks away. And perhaps that's where he'll make things equal with Evan. However, Dexter has not been winning lately and in the light that he is hitting 42 years old this year, age is not on his side. Some say it's time for him to retire. Should he? If he does, there's definitely no shame to his name. He has won the Arnold Classic three times and 2008 Mr Olympia. Plus, I remember eight time Ms Olympia Lenda Murray once quote, "bodybuilding is just one of the many constructive aspects of life". Thus, Dex could retire now, have his name written in stone as one of the greatest bodybuilders and I don't know, perhaps travel the world and party? I know that's what I'll do if I were him. :)

Another noticeable competitor in the Flex Pro is Dennis Wolf. Omg, he is wiiiidddeeee!!! Many felt, and I agree, "how the hell did Dennis Wolf lose the Flex Pro?". He was big, wide, well-balanced, ripped and still has that amazing V-shaped ahoulder-to-waist ratio. Perhaps the few points that he did miss out on is the lack of detail and peak in his arms and softness in his hams.

And lastly, congrats to Fouad Abiad for grabbing his Mr Olympia qualification (top 3 gets em). Fouad definitely has shown a lot of improvement in terms of mass, especially to his shoulders and torso.

Well, that's the review that I can give for the Flex Pro Show 2011, all the way from Singapore. Maybe I could give a more complete coverage if *cough* some magazines could sponsor my trip to the US. Thanks to RxMuscle and Muscular Development for the photos.

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