March 6, 2011

Arnold Classic 2011 Photos & Videos

Hey guys, so while you're waiting for the Arnold Classic 2011 results coming in a few hours time, here are some videos and screenshots of the pre-judging a few moments ago. Sorry they are blur. They are screenshots and screen recordings after all. Don't forget to check out Fabodylous when the full Arnold Classic 2011 results are out!

Branch Warren
Arnold Classic 2011 Photos

branch warren

Arnold Classic 2011 videos

Dennis Wolf
dennis wolf

Dexter Jackson
dexter jackson

Essa Obaid
essa obaid

Evan Centopani
evan centopani

Fouad Abiad
fouad abiad

Roelly Winklaar
roelly winklaar

Ronny Rockel
ronny rockel

Toney Freeman
toney freeman

Victor Martinez
victor martinez

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