May 9, 2011

Mr Singapore 2011 Results, Photos and Review - Part One

If you weren't at Kreta Ayer People's Threatre on 7th May, read on as I re-live the experience of the 2011 Singapore National Bodybuilding Championships aka Mr Singapore 2011. Tonnes of photos and category-by-category review and results included.

Mr Singapore 2011

Men's Junior Under-70kg

1st Zen Low

2nd Dex Tey

3rd Winson Ang

4th Wee Jian Le

5th Chow Ngai Kay

The under-70kg juniors category saw many new talents who will bring bodybuilding to the next level for the next several years. Defending champ, Zen Low was the favourite for this category but last year's runner-up, Dex Tey came into the competition with spot-on conditioning and great vascularity. He had a superb V-taper and freaky hamstrings too.

However, Zen's pure mass was about to hold Dex back. It was a close match and I thought that the win could have gone to Dex. Either way, as soon as they came onstage, both of them were a solid one-two finish and everyone else were contesting for third place.

Newcomer Winson "Cute Boy" Ang showed great potential with an artistic and lively solo routine. Congrats to Winson for placing third in a competitive category on his first try!

Although a lil thin, well-conditioned Wee Jian Le was able to hold back Muscle Explosion 2010 junior category winner, Chow Ngai Kay. But dude, really, you might wanna close up your legs when you pose.

A notable incident during judging was the father of a contestant, Chow Ngai Kay constantly cheering for his son. Now THAT'S a proud father.

Men's Junior Above-70kg

1st Bernard Hoe

2nd Ken Woo

3rd Daniel Lim

4th Keith Wong

5th Aaron Lee

The second course of the meal for the evening was filled with tanks, with more priority for mass rather than conditioning. The top four were huge, with thick upper bodies. I was personally disappointed with the lack of quad definition in this category, with the exception of Ken Woo.

Speaking of Ken, I really thought he was gonna win. I was shocked when Bernard was announced as the winner. And so was Ken. From his expression and the fact that he removed his silver medal right after he got it, I can tell that he's pissed with the judges' decision. I would have been too, if I were him. Ken was by far the best conditioned athlete in this category and it should have gone to him.

However, I wouldn't take the credit away from Bernard. The guy wins by mass with super thick chest, arms and shoulders. And look, his fans made a sign for him too!

Men's Senior Under-60kg

1st Edmund Chua

2nd Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Rahman

3rd Michael Stephen

This was an easy win for Edmund. Michael wasn't up to the standard of the other two guys and Abdul Rahim did not come in the best shape that could have. Yet, Michael's Michael Jackson-style posing routine was EPIC and certainly brought up the mood of the evening. And for your information, Michael won the best poser award, which was brought out specially for him during Muscle Explosion 2010 because the crowd loved his posing so much. And that was his first bodybuilding contest.

Edmund showed that even with a very small frame, one could built a solid and impressive title-winning physique.

Men's Senior Under-65kg

1st Max Lin

2nd Winson Ang

3rd Fazli Bin Yahya

4th Satrah Karim

5th Conan Chua

In this category, the battle for top honours were between Max "Pretty Boy" Lin, Winson and Fazli. Fazli was dry and grainy, Max had a great V-taper and legs and Winson looked solid and dense but lost some size since the junior category. However, Winson was clearly more confident now and was enjoying the cheers of the crowd.

It was funny when Winson is posing and when he made a loud hissing sound when exhaling, the crowd would playfully imitate the hissing sound too. Haha. You would have to be there to get the joke.

Satrah Karim, whom I'm guessing in his 40s or 50s displayed a body which would put most guys half his age to shame.

Women's Physique Under-160cm

1st Faith Lim

2nd Hapsari Marsden

3rd Angel Aw

4th Huang Yuyan

I'm pretty happy with the quantity and quality of the lady contestants this year. Usually, there'll be only three to five ladies contesting in a local contest. But this year, there were nine ladies in two categories!

What I was unhappy about was Hapsari Marsden placing second. The lady was perfect! She has the firm arms, the tight and curvy butt, really lean waist and she presented her package with very graceful, sexy and confident. The only excuse that I thought the judges could have to place her low is she was "too muscular" which she WASN'T. Ms Figure Olympia, the top title in the world for women's physique, has a lot more muscle mass than Hapsari.

I also thought that Huang Yuyan, although having a skinny look, should have placed higher with her leanness.

Still, congratulations to Faith, who displayed her physique with grace, confidence and elegance.

P.S. I don't usually critic a lady's physique like I just did. This is just for professional purpose only!

Men's Senior Under-70kg

1st Zen Low

2nd Tan Chin Boon

3rd Dex Tey

4th Cliff Ethan Sim

5th Hairi Rahiman

It was hard to call out one definite winner for this category. Everyone had very different physiques and the winner could have been anyone. Apples and oranges, as they say. Dex was wide, had a great V-taper and was vascular, although he held some water since his first category. Zen had lots of mass packed onto his small structure. Chin Boon was like a taller but less blockier Zen. Ethan had well-popped chest and shoulders but had thin legs. Hairi had quite a lot of mass but wasn't as conditioned as he should be.

Well, that's all for part one peeps! Come back to Fabodylous for Part Two!

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Thank you to Justin Bieber Chong for the results and Eric Goh of for the great photos!

Last but not least...

Happy Mother's Day mommy. I know you're reading this. Sorry I couldn't celebrate it with you. I'll be back home soon.


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