September 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs the World Challenge - Part Two

So, we're another step closer to finding out who will walk away with the grand prize of $10 000 from the Samsung Galaxy S2 vs the World challenge! Read on to find out what happened during Challenges 3 to 5!

Challenge #3: Rolly Polly

Lol. I sound like a himbo in the video. "Hamster? Oh, you mean like this?" Lol. Congratz to Rackwell for winning this one!

Here are some photos from the Rolly Polly challenge!

Loria admiring the huge balls. O wait. Hehehe.


And at the end of challenge #3, the score tally is

Wee Kiat - 24 points
Christine - 22 points
Rackwell - 22 points
Casey - 16 points

Yay! I'm leading for now. Two more challenges left. Go! Go! Go!!

Challenge #4: Flying Fox

A panorama photo taken with the Galaxy S2. Click on the image to view it!

Our Filipino boy taking a rest.

Watchu' looking at?

The rides and activities offered at Sentosa Island are pretty cool. Other than the Megazip Flying Fox, there is a rock wall, vertical jump platform and a high ropes adventure course. Plenty of stuff to keep you screaming.

Here's the second take of me on the Megazip. Just for recording purposes and the fun of it. Hahaha.

So now, at the end of challenge #4, the score tally is

Wee Kiat - 32 points
Christine - 32 points
Rackwell - 28 points
Casey - 20 points

Gasp!! It's a really really close match now. One more challenge to go! Let's go!!

Challenge #5: Up and Away
And here's the final challenge. The winner announcement is also in the video. So... the winner is...

And here are the photos for the day.

Loria making sure Allan stays pretty.

Chillin' with the Wulander.

All of us waiting anxiously for the final results.

And after the challenge, it's picture time with everybody!







With Allan Wu. O wait, what? We're too cute for you? Fine, here's a macho photo instead. Teehee.

And finally a last one with the Test Force!

So now that everything is over, it's late and we're all sweaty, dirty and hungry, what do we do?


Nom nom nom nom..

And interestingly, Kun is actually a magician too!! Take a look at this trick which definitely messed with Rackwell's logical thinking.

Phew! Wow. It's over. I mean, it has really been an adventure with the Test Force and production crew. It might have been only five days but it was certainly an unforgettable experience. And woohoo!! $10 000 is mine!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has wished me luck and supported me.

Thank you to Samsung and everyone in the production team who made this challenge not just rewarding but fun and bearable (some challenges took up the whole day).

Before you guys leave, there's something for you guys to win too! ^^

Just click here to go to the Galaxy S2 vs the World microsite and vote for your favourite challenge video to win a new Samsung Galaxy S2!!

And like the Fabodylous Facebook fanpage too! ^^v


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