October 2, 2011

How to Get Six-Pack Abs

Wondering how to get six pack abs? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. A number of people go after achieving this goal yet few ever see success in obtaining it.

What’s so hard about accomplishing the goal of getting those much-coveted six pack abs? And, what is the correct strategy to use that will actually help you move forward in your results?

Let’s take a quick peak at a few of the most important details that you need to know about how to get six pack abs.

Where Most People Go Wrong
The first thing that you need to learn if you want to see how to get six pack abs is where most people are going wrong. For many, as soon as they set the goal to get abs, they’re going to be devoting hours upon hours to performing a number of different abdominal crunches on the ab mats.They go into the gym each and every day and perform a good 30 minutes at least, devoted strictly to this muscle group. Two months later, they aren’t seeing results and are feeling mighty frustrated with their rate of progress.

Where are they going wrong?
The primary reason that this won’t help you get six pack abs is because you can’t spot tone. You will not burn the fat covering the abs by performing so many crunches and as long as that fat’s present, you’ll never get the six pack abs that you desire.

So in order to actually get results, you need to focus on doing whatever you can to reduce your overall body fat level. As you do this you’ll lose that fat that’s covering the abs and move closer to really seeing the results that you’re looking for.

The Right Approach
So the better approach to learning how to get six pack abs is focusing on your diet and a proper workout program that will burn more calories and keep your metabolism on high all day long.

This means using a reduced calorie diet that’s higher in protein, lower in carbs and fats, and filled with plenty of fresh vegetables.

Wholesome, non-processed carbohydrates should come right around the workout period as this is when you most need those nutrients for physical activity. Then the rest of the day your meals should focus on the lean proteins and vegetables instead.
Once you have the diet down, then it’s time to turn the focus to your workouts. For best results, use a full body weight lifting workout program. A full body weight lifting program is going to be best for boosting your metabolic rate and making sure you burn calories for hours at a time.

In addition to that, it’s also going to stimulate the most gains in muscle strength and mass, which will further help to enhance your metabolic rate and help you move onwards.

Full body weight lifting routines are also fast on time since you only have to complete them three times per week and they usually take around 45-60 minutes to get through.

After your weight lifting program is in place, add one to two interval cardio sprint sessions to this as this is the form of cardio that tends to promote the fastest rate of fat burning and you’ll be all set.

So there you have the real truth about how to get six pack abs. If you stay committed and use the right program and diet design, this goal can be yours. Remember that getting six pack abs won’t happen overnight however, so be sure that you’re staying committed and having patience as you go about this goal.

Author Note:
The post is written by Nick Clipton, web master of BuildingBodyMuscles.com. He is passionate about writing health and fitness articles. Visit his site to know more about fitness software.


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