March 25, 2012

Being overweight: Things to avoid for regular workout


Most people fail to continue their workout schedules made to stay fit and in a shapely physique. Nonetheless, many times, personal preferences and likes and dislikes have a lot contribution in disturbing the schedule. Sometimes, due to a crowded area or a smelly locker room, you also lead to drop the idea of going gym.

But my dear friend once you drop out you will not be able to make your body in a balanced shape. A strong determination and hard work is needed if you really are motivated to lose weight. Moreover, you can stay motivated if you get certain tips to maintain a regular workout schedule.

1. First, give foremost preference to the daily workout routine. You need to trust that just like anything else you do daily, exercises are also very important for the body. You need to be stay motivated from the beginning to the end of the program. Consult your friends, motivate them to join you and make a good plan that can be followed easily. Also make sure any of the group members or even you do not miss any date to workout.

2. Avoid doing excess exercise as it may harm your body. Do not try many exercises with too many workouts. Keep it in numbers and at slow speed, so that you are able to do them daily amidst your tight schedule and spend good time at the fitness center. If you don’t like a crowded place, then search centers where you can find ample space and can easily access your needed equipment.

3. Do not go fast in the beginning. Start slowly and then increase the intensity and time of the sessions as you proceed further. Keep the workouts short and take rest in between for the muscles to recover.

4. While making the plan, ensure to set easily achievable goals. For example, plan for losing about one pound a week instead of going to lose more than 3 pounds per week. So do not set targets that may put negative effects on your body. Moreover, undesirable exercise will lead to lose your interest quickly.

5. Maintain a report-sheet of your daily progress. By keeping the record, you will be able to understand the amount of calories you are losing daily. Also it will clear the workout which has highest impact on your fitness. So you can then choose the workouts accordingly and proceed with them.

6. Avoid choosing the same workouts over and over. Try to adopt different workouts by consulting the fitness trainer. Choose different kinds of exercises, which will help gaining the desired shape in your body. Generally it is accepted that you can change the reps, sets, rest periods and weight in every four weeks. This will also help you make your workouts interesting.

7. Another way to make your workouts more interesting is to be competitive with your friends. Just make sure you are not losing the objective and then set parameters before you and your group and then check out who can achieve the target like particular exercise for more number of times or who can lift more weights etc. These kinds of mini contests will help you to stay focused without losing interest.

8. Be in regular touch with your trainer or the coach. Under his/her guidance, you would be able to learn the right way to do the exercises. The trainer or coach will also keep a check on your performance.

9. Stay self motivated and motivate yourself to follow your workout plan without any interruption. When you would successfully follow the plan for three months, you will be able to see some positive results. This will give you enough motivation to continue the workouts.

10. Never miss a workout session and in case you miss one, try to compensate it. If you start missing too many sessions, it will result in losing the interest and will de-motivate you. So avoid missing the sessions, stay focused and follow the plan without hesitation.

Once you are set to consider these tips, you will also be able to follow the workout schedule without losing interest and by going for a regular exercise schedule you would definitely gain the perfect shape of your body.

About The Author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and reading. Recently she attended a panel discussion on pregnancy diet. These days she is busy writing an article on wave power for her blog.


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