December 18, 2009

Secrets to S.E.X.Y: Part 1

Firstly, something tells me for this post, it's mostly ladies reading.


Here it goes! The secrets to get that sexy body! Scroll down!

#1 Weight train

The men reading this will probably think, "duh!" and the ladies will think, "Oh, this part is for the men. I shall continue scrolling down." But wait! It's for both genders! And It's NOT an option (and that's the secret). Let me put this next sentence in bold.

Ladies, weight train! It's THE SECRET you're looking for and nope, you will NEVER need to be afraid of getting buff or masculine.

Why? Think about this. Men, *ahem* I repeat, horny, testosterone-filled, hairy-legged (some), testicles-carrying men already have trouble gaining muscle via weight training. So ladies, why worry about the near-impossible?

But really, why weight train? My girlfriend has this note in front of her desk and it says

Muscles burn fat. Weight train!

And she's right! You go, baby! ;)

And don't go light on yourself. Go heavy enough that you performing 12 to 15 reps per set until near-failure (when the pain sets in).

This is Jamie Eason, spokesperson for If you read her training programme, she weight trains, hard and heavier than most men in the gym nowadays.

Look at her. Would a guy walk past her and think, "Ew, she's like a man!" or just drool and think, "Yummmmmy!"

And don't forget about the woman who showed us that a lady (actually in this case, a barbaric woman) could look great from high intensity work - Xena, the Warrior Princess! *background music plays*

#2 Never go hungry, even when dieting

Didn't know that? Well, that's why it's a secret!

Think about this. When someone wants to gain weight, how could he tell his body that he wants to gain muscle, not fat? Well, the general answer is weight train hard and heavy, eat lots of protein and well...let's leave the details for next time.

And for the opposite, if someone wants to lose weight, how could he tell his body to lose fat, not muscles (which if lost will slow down your metabolism and then make losing fat more difficult)? Other than exercise, cardio and lots of protein, it's to NEVER get hungry.

The reason for this is simple. When your body is hungry, it thinks, "Oh shit! He's not eating again. I better hold on to the fats in case this go on for any longer. Liver!! Kill the muscles. We better lower this guy's metabolism, RIGHT NOW!"

We all wish we could literally talk to our bodies, no?

And guys, diet! Dieting is not a thong! It's not only for ladies. And yes, the THONG is only for ladies... and keep it that way!!

#3 Fat is fab

No! Not being fat. But more like fat in your food! Now THIS is a good way to send a "Don't burn the muscles, burn the fat" message to your body. Remember I said never to become hungry? Well, fats can help you at that! Fats are harder and slower for the body to digest. So when mixed with your other food, it will slow everything down and make you feel full longer.

While dieting for weight loss, I usually INCREASE my fat intake in my diet. Am I nuts? No, I'm nut, I mean not. I've lost 6kg (13lbs) so far for my preparation for Muscle War 2010, in only 4 weeks! Pictures coming soon! :) Speaking of nuts, that's the easiest and most convenient Singaporean way to get GOOD fats in your diet. So now, go out there, buy a big packet of pistachios and almonds and eat a few while you're reading Fabodylous!

#4 Right clothes + Right time = sexy!

Look at this video of an old tv dating game with three bodybuilders in it. All three of them have amazing bodies! But notice that the eventual winner is more composed and doesn't look like he is a musclehead yet people KNOW that he is muscular. Why? Because he dresses well! And he has added a bit of class in doing so too.

Tips: If you have the body, body-fitting shirts are great. Sleeveless/singlets/tank tops... Only if you're heading to zee gym.
P.s. I do realize that the video is kinda corny. But it proved my point!

#5 Get an iPod

No. Fabodylous is not sponsored by Apple. However, many many fitness enthusiasts can tell you that it's impossible even for them to survive a 45-minute cardio session with no music (and yes, you'll need the cardio to get that S.E.X.Y body). So, use this as an excuse to get yourself a brand new iPod (if you haven't already gotten one yet).

That's all for part one. Check back for more S.E.X.Y tips. Or better still, follow this and get updated automatically!


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