January 27, 2010

Muscle & Fitness War 2010 Photos & Report

It was a day when the who's who in the sport congregated to witness new talent strut their stuff onstage to prevail as champion in their respective categories.

So Muscle & Fitness War 2010 is over and here's the report! Let's start things off with the winners' list.

Men's Bodybuilding: Tertiary Under-170cm Category

1st Place: Tan Zhen Wei
Zhen Wei also took part in the Men's Bodybuilding: Open Category and got runner-up! He gave Danie quite a challenge for the gold medal. Some say he could have taken the gold medal in the Open Category too. Oh, and he's just turning 23 this year.

Men's Bodybuilding: Tertiary Over-170cm Category

1st Place: Myren Fu

Men's Bodybuilding: Open Category

1st Place: Danie Dharma

Women's Fitness: Open Category

1st Place: Yekaterina Robacker

And here's some photos of the rest of the competition.

Part of the Tertiary Under-170cm line up. There're 14 competitors in the category! And here's several more photos of it.

Look at the facial expression of the competitors in the background after seeing Zhen Wei's amazing double biceps!

Here's some photos from the Tertiary above 170cm category -

Myren "look-at-those-legs" Fu receiving his first-place award!

And some photos from the open category...

And some other photos...
The Women's Fitness line up.

Ms. Yekaterina Robacker wowing the crowd with her beautifully-built physique.

Fitness competitors waiting to go onstage.

The whole family's proud of Danie!!

Edwin Thia & I

Prodigy Tan Zhen Wei & I

A couple of photos of me onstage -

Flex for the camera, guys!

Spot the odd one out.

Hey look! It's Kevin Chiak, Adrian Tan and Elton Lim! With a couple of fans too!

Tertiary Under-170cm Runner-Up, Brandon Yang & I

Hey Paul, I'm darker than you now! :)

The two NUS-ians who competed in Muscle & Fitness War 2010!

Open Category Champ, Danie Dharma & I

Joan Liew! Singapore's top female bodybuilder! She was a judge for the competition.

And Joan's mentor, Augustine Lee!

Danie posing with his good friend, Shah, who managed to get second runner-up position in the open category!

Two of the fitness competitors.

When I left the competition venue, I thought, "Damn! I didn't get a chance to take a photo with Jonas Asis Tam!". And look who did I bump into when having a meal at Subway!

Err.. Samuel, you can pee first and we can take the photo later if you want to..

Thanks a lot for the support, guys!

And special thanks to Fabodylous reader, Yong Yuan Wu for many of the fantastic photos that are on this post!

And here's the Muscle War 2010 organizing committee. Great job, guys!

And here, enjoy some videos from the event!

And you know what I think about not winning in my category, guys? I think that, aahh, f**k it! Even if I don't win in my category, I'm still gonna have some fun and make the crowd go wild!

So here's my posing routine! Listen to the crowd's roar at 0:41!! Muahahaha!!

This post is not done. It's just to satisfy the curiosity of some of you who wondered how was Muscle & Fitness War 2010. I'm still waiting for my friends to submit their photos so that I could publish them here. If you have your own photos taken at MFW2010, please email them to fabodylous@gmail.com. Credit will certainly be given to the submitter. Therefore, bookmark/follow this blog and expect this post to be updated often in the next several days!

Thank you guys for the photos & videos!
Yong Yuan Wu
Justin Chong
Vincent Miao Tanlu
Diane Khoo
Leroy Lin


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