February 28, 2010

HomeTeam NS Strongman Challenge 2010 Preliminaries Results & Photos

Looking for the 2012 Strongman Info? Click here - Hometeam NS Singapore Strongman Challenge 2012

So, the preliminaries of the HomeTeam NS Strongman Challenge is over and here's the results!

Tertiary Category
1. Ngee Ann Poly Team 2 (Total Timing: 60.84s)
2. Singapore Poly Team 2 (72.82s)
3. ITE College (Central) Team 1 (83.57s)
4. ITE East College (85.49s)
5. Temasek Poly Team 1 (102.90s)
6. Ngee Ann Poly Team 3 (106.50s)
7. Singapore Poly Team 1 (136.08s)
8. ITE College Central Team 2 (192.95s)

Individual Open Category
1. Samuel Lim (67.04s)
2. Jen Li Sheng (68.65s)
3. Chaar Chun Hou (75.02s)
4. Keith Wong (76.93s)
5. Ahmad Taufiq Muhd (77.03s)
6. Vejay (82.20s)
7. Yusri Bin Ali (83.14s)
8. Shaifulizzam (83.82s)
9. Ben Ho (85.33s)
10. Mohd Rizal Marof (86.47s)
11. Raphael Teo (88.90s) (reserve)
12. Goh Yeow Hui (88.94s) (reserve)
13. Tan Bin Soon (92.92s)
14. Hiroshi Yoshida (97.28s)
15. S. Lakshmi Gandhan (100.56s)
16. Adam Horwitz (101.32s)
17. Benny Chew (101.61s)
18. Bryan Lim (104.44s)
19. Ashraf Stephen Foreman (117.85s)
20. Aadne Skaahip (121.21s)
21. Miachael Garcia (126.32s)
22. Muhd Badrun Nafis (127.03s)
23. Qassidi (133.88s)
24. William Cheng (153.03s)
25. Tan Kwang Hui (217.28s)

Note: Teams/contestants in yellow qualified for the finals.

And enough of numbers, let's enjoy some photos!!

The overall view of the event at Basic Rescue Training Centre

A contestant trying his best at the Tyre Flip

Two competitors going head to head in the Log Walk event

Defending champion, Chaar Chun Hou effortlessly blaze through the Log Walk event. Notice that the time keeper is running to keep up with him!

Friends and contestants congratulating Chaar Chun Hou for his amazing performance.

The star of Team Iron Behemoth, Samuel Lim pulling the Red Rhino to victory!

And here's another photo of Samu...Hey! You're blocking my view!!

Another member of Team Iron Behemoth and reader of Fabodylous, Ben Ho, putting full effort in pulling the Red Rhino

Look at that face of effort and never-say-die attitude!

Ben is so much bigger than me...

But I still must try to bring him down!! *push*

I'm not sure of his name, but I gotta reward this guy an "A" for effort. He tried to carry the iron logs for the Log Walk...

shook off the pain...

tried again...

and again...

and then he gave up.

Guess he could use some training with Samuel, seen here carrying the logs like grocery bags. Fyi, Samuel is friendly enough to give smiling lessons too! :D

Guy in red says, "Stay back guys! Wee Kiat looks big enough to beat up all of us!" Haha. I wish.

Hmm... Orange seems to be in fashion nowadays

Team Iron Behemoth

And finally...

Chaar Chun Hou thinks to himself, "Yes! My dream is finally coming true! I finally get to touch his head!"

"Oh shoot! I'm caught on camera! I'm screwed."


Ps. The whole event is actually over. For the results of the finals, click here.


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