March 28, 2010

HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2010 Photos, Videos and Results!

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The Strongman Challenge is just over and here's the results!


HomeTeamNS Closed Category
1st Shahanizar Bin Johar (Transcomm)
2nd Fazli B Yahya (SCDF 1st Div)
3rd Md Faizal Mansa (CDA)
4th Nur Fauzi B. Abu Bakar (KINS)
5th Ahmad Husaini (SCDF 3rd Div)
6th Tham Guo Zheng, Kennard (SCDF 4th Div)

Invitational Category
1st Muhammad Firdaus Bin Zainal (Sky Fitness)
2nd Enayathullah (HomeTeamNS)
3rd Marcus Fam Shu Han (SAFA)
4th Shahanizar Bin Johar (Transcomm)
5th Soh Solomon (SAFA)
6th Makoto Goto (SAFA)


Tertiary Category
1st Ngee Ann Poly
2nd ITE (East)
3rd Singapore Poly
4th ITE (Central)

Open Category
1st Jen Li Sheng
2nd Samuel Lim
3rd Yusri bin Ali
4th Taufiq Ahmad
5th Chaar Chun Hou
6th Mohd Rizal Marof
7th Keith Wong
8th Shaifulizzam
9th Vejay
10th Ben Ho

Congrats to all winners!
Shah, you looked so much improved from your Muscle War condition.
Firdaus, wow, you blow the competition away! Especially with your back!
Jen Li Sheng, my fellow NUS-ian, you make us proud! And enjoy your new Chevrolet Aveo5 too!

And now time for photos!!

The stage is prepared to be graced by the best bodybuilders in the country.

And the crowd's eager to see the action begin.

Backstage, in the preparation room.

And the bodybuilders are ready to go! And here are the contestants for the closed category bodybuilding contest.

This kid went in front of the stage and shouted out loud, "Daddy! Daddy! That's my daddy!". Soooo cute!

And here's the posedown video.

The DJs taking care of the sponsors. Yes kids, sponsors are important!

The line-up of booths at the exhibition area.

The Chevrolet Cruze ready to pulled by contestants in the Public Challenge!

And speaking of the public challenge, I tried it out! I didn't do too bad. The fastest time was 10.54s and I did it in 12.83s. And I got a new fan (the human kind) - the old Chinese grandma who was holding her walking cane and shouting, "Go boy! Go! Go! Go!" when I was pulling the Chevrolet. Here's the video of my attempt!

So, in the end, no $500 for me. Just...

two blistered middle fingers. Now, I can point my middle fingers to people for a reason. :D

And I've also attempted the Barrel Hold Public Challenge.

So, the current record for me to beat is over 8 minutes. I took a deep breathe, held the handles and lifted the barrel up and just held tight.

Second after second after second passed....

And I asked the timekeeper, "How much time has passed already?"
Timekeeper, "(sounded like) 3 minutes."
Me, "3 minutes? Ok."
Timekeeper, "No no no. I said ONE minute."

And I went,

So I gave up. -_-''

Ok, so after the closed category bodybuilding competition, it's

Strongman time!

For all videos from the Strongman Challenge, please visit Fabodylous' Youtube Channel by clicking here!

Here's some random clips from the event.

As you can see from this next video, then defending champion, Chaar Chun Hou had some problems during the log walk. He was feeling kinda dizzy halfway through the event. Towards the end, he almost blacked out.

Now, back to bodybuilding. Close to the end of the event, the finals of the bodybuilding invitational category took place.

Home Team NS surely did invite a lot of bodybuilders for this category.

Hmm... I noticed some common features in some bodybuilding events. Can you spot it?

The eventual winner, Fairus bin Zainal

Shah & Fairus sing, "You put your right leg in, you put your right leg out."

Kung Fu fighting styles (left to right): Stalking Tiger Style, Orangutan Style, two Gorilla Styles, the Hulk Style and Worship the Moon Style.

Here's the video of the posedown.

And when it's all over and done,

Assoc Prof Ho Peng Kee posing with the bodybuilders.

And here's some other photos..

Jonas Asis Tam entertaining the crowd.

Winner of the Strongman Challenge, Jen Li Sheng & I. I look so small.

Strongman Challenge 2nd Runner-Up, Yusri bin Ali and I. And again I look so small!!

Keith Wong, Samuel Lim & Ben Ho from Team Iron Behemoth. Haiz..they make me look.. *sigh* you get the idea.


P.s. To those who scrolled down too fast, more videos could be found on Fabodylous' Youtube Channel. Click here.

Ok, this is an update. It's been 2 days since Strongman Challenge 2010 and I'm trying out strongman training. And as you can see from the photo below, I'm training in the event of...



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