February 9, 2010

How to Keep Looking Young: From Top to Toe

Share There are some things that boys can't blog about, so here's some tips from the girlfriend on how to keep looking young even as the years go by. Enjoy reading!


- Use anti-ageing shampoo. Prevention is always better than cure.

- Wear a sun hat. (Unless there's sun protection for the scalp. Even if there is, the greasiness will destroy your lovely hairstyle.) So be sure to choose a style you'll love wearing.

- Update your hairstyle regularly. Get an age-appropriate hairstyle. Schoolgirl bangs can give an instant face-lift. Sideswept bangs can add a touch of girliness. There are so many hairstyles out there, there'll definitely be one that suits you.

- Use hair masks weekly if your hair suffers abrasive treatments like colouring. Even swimming chlorinates hair. So do take care of it and give it weekly pampering.

- Stack your diet with hair-loving protein and nutrients. And don't crash-diet, as it'll affect how your locks look.


- Invest in a good eye cream. As the delicate skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, it more often than not is the first place where crows' feet show up. Retinoid creams can help to keep fine lines from deepening into wrinkles; consult your dermatologist.

- Apply eye masks regularly. Once a week would be my recommended minimum. If your budget permits, twice a week would do quite nicely. For me, I make sure to also put on an eye mask after I take off my contact lenses to prevent fine lines. As I don't wear contacts everyday, this is feasible budget-wise. Find a skincare routine that works for you. Just don't neglect your eye area.

- Mascara opens up your peepers and beautify you almost immediately. Many ladies also get a bit of a boost from false eyelashes to get that doe-eyed look. Go ahead and mesmerise the men out there. Just take care when you remove your eye makeup. Many women tug at their eye area to get that last bit of mascara and eyeliner off, and also just tear off their false eyelashes. Such force is not de rigeur for removing eye makeup. In other words, be gentle with your eyes.

- Wear UV-protected shades as squinting not only strains your eyes, it crinkles the thin skin around them. Big, wraparound shades provide maximum protection.

- Get enough sleep so that your eyes look well-rested. If you have puffiness, apply eyecream chilled overnight in the fridge (I know many ladies know this already. Good for you!).

- Don't cry the night before! You'll get puffy eyes. Poor girl.


- Sun protection. Cannot be emphasised more. My boyfriend doesn't understand why I have to apply sunblock for a 5-min trip to an indoor place. But us girls all do, so let's ignore them ignorant boys.

SPF must be 15 or higher, and ensure that your sunscreen says "broad spectrum" on its label so that you'll get dual protection from UVA and UVB rays.

- Exfoliate weekly to restore that radiant glow and get baby-soft skin.

- Choose products that are suited to your skin type, sensitivity and moisture level (dry to oily). If you are not sure of your skin type, an easy (and usually free) way is to consult the girls at makeup/skincare brand counters at department stores.

- Invest in proper skincare products -- cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream, and sunscreen -- and cultivate proper skincare habits. For example, don't wash your face more than twice a day, and don't exfoliate more than once a week.

- It'll be good to get facials done by professional, certified beauticians once a month or every 4-6 weeks. You can choose to do your own facials too! The Internet is a great source of facial recipes and tips, and it makes for a fun girly activity you and your gal pals can bond over.

- While you're getting your facial, don't forget to throw in a eyebrow-tweezing session. Some beauty salons include eyebrow-tweezing in their facials. The correct brow shape can open your eyes, brighten your face and make you look happier, all without makeup. Just refrain from overtweezing as the hairs won't grow back as fast as they used to.

Teeth/ Smile

- Go for regular dental checkups, at least once a year. Coffee stains teeth so you might want to cut down on your daily caffeine dose. And don't smoke; not only does it stain teeth in a way that makes coffee seem harmless in relation, it increases your risk of lung cancer among many other diseases you can get from lighting up and puffing away. AND it makes you wrinkle. So STOP smoking.

- Ensure you get enough calcium in your diet to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The body stops stocking up on calcium in the bones after 30, so if you still have time add more calcium-rich foods (such as leafy green vegetables and dairy) into your diet.

- Brush properly. We actually don't need to scrub furiously at our molars. The place to pay attention to is the gums. Dentists recommend holding the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and lightly brushing it against your gums, to get plaque and stuck food out. Oh, go light on your gums as brushing against them too hard will, yes will, cause receding of the gums. And your teeth may as a result drop off more easily.

- Scrape your tongue. It's a quick and easy way to clear away bacteria and debris settled on your tongue. Your tongue should look pink and not have a whitish layer on it. Plus, scraping your tongue (just use your toothbrush) could be the solution to clear any bad breath problem you may have.

- Dazzle others with teeth-whitening procedures if your budget allows you to. It does wonders for self-confidence; if you look good, you'll feel good and if you feel good, you'll look good. Bling!


- Use a lip balm, better if with sunscreen, as the skin covering the lips are extremely thin and vulnerable to UV damage, as well as dry weather.

Neck and decolletage

- They're most often neglected in all the focus on the face. But this is exactly why the neck area is often the giveaway spot to revealing your true age. So if you want perfection all over, use a good neck cream and moisturise away. Don't forget sunscreen for the neck too. Simply put, pay attention to the neck area as well.

Same goes for Hands!

- Hands, like the neck, are often neglected. But that's not very wise because not only is the skin on our hands thinner than the rest of our body, the hands are also most exposed to the sun.

- Use a hand cream (better if it's with sunscreen). Try pushing the dishwashing to the dishwasher or the man. If not, use gloves to protect your hands.

- Occasional manicures to pamper yourself don't hurt either!


- Again, moisturise and use sun protection. And for glowing, radiant skin, your diet plays a great part so make sure you have lots of antioxidants in it.

- That's for the external part. The internal part is to exercise and workout regularly. Don't leave out weight-training too; even a little bit can do wonders for your body.

- It's best not to sleep in an air-conditioned room. Not only is it not friendly to the environment, it also dries out skin when you're least aware of it. If your workplace is air-conditioned, drink lots of water to counter the water loss, as well as moisturise your skin with a good body lotion.


- Pedicures are a great idea. Or you could DIY and use a pumice to scrub off the dead layer of skin on your soles. You could also do feet masks; apply a generous layer to your feet and put on socks overnight.


- Julia Roberts has laugh lines but we don't care cos she has a GREAT smile. Plus laugh lines show that you've lived a life well-lived. Laughter releases tension and minimizes stress so you don't unknowingly walk around with a crease in your forehead. Watch comedies, play with your pet, spend time with loved ones. Enjoy your life and it'll show.


Pei Xin
Wee Kiat's sweetheart :)


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