February 20, 2010

Superstar Feature: Joan Liew, Singapore's Top Female Bodybuilder


Her fitness experience started at the young age of 17, and as part of the Fitness Club in Catholic Junior College, she trained regularly in the gym and conducted training programs for the Fitness Club to prepare overweight male students in improving their fitness level for the coming National Service.

Joan began her intensive training with Augustine Lee after her 'A' Levels to prepare for her first Asian Championship. In the meantime she opted for the Sport and Wellness Diploma instead of NUS and successfully completed her Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management.

She won her first Gold Medal, at her first competition in year 2000, at the Asian Bodybuilding Championships. Joan also began her full time fitness career at Ray Wilson California Fitness Centers in 1998. Starting as a part-time personal trainer, she climbed the corporate ladder to success over the years to the post of Fitness Manager. With her strong partnership with
Augustine, California Fitness Centers Singapore has emerged to be the top clubs in Asia for years.

Augustine Lee & I at Muscle War 2010

Joan competed at the World Games 2001 and got 7th placing, and she won her second Gold medal at the Asian Women’s bodybuilding Championships in 2002 held in China.

In 2003 she decided to take a short break to pursue her degree in Bachelor of Commerce with University of Western Australia. After graduation, Joan left California Fitness Centers to take on greater challenges in the fitness industry and set up a fitness consultancy company with Augustine, with a distinct aim to provide valuable workout experience for the clients and to help others to achieve their fitness goals in the proper and most efficient way. She is also an appointed lecturer and examiner for FISAF personal trainer certification courses.

Taken with permission from joanliew.com

Joan & I at Muscle War 2010!

Personal Message: What an incredible body even a lady could achieve when weight training and dieting is coupled with a never-say-die attitude! I hope that every one of us has been inspired by Joan to train harder and put our best foot forward whether in the gym or on a bodybuilding stage.

Train hard!

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