February 19, 2010

Worst Commercial Gym In Malaysia

So during the Chinese New Year holidays, I was back in my hometown, Kuala Lumpur, and was desperately trying to find a gym to work out in. Oh well, there's one gym which I could have gone to then. And, for obvious reasons, I won't be mentioning the name of the gym.




I don't even know where to start.

Let's start with the sound system.
It sucks. And it plays slow Celine Dion songs.

The weights...
are insufficient.

The dumbbells...
are an endangered species.

The foam cushions...
are bandaged.

And the benches...
are as thin as the Olsen twins that you'll break your back benching on them.

One-third of the treadmills are broken down.
Oh wait. There are only three treadmills. And you can see that the gym users aren't that... inspiring.

The air-con condenses water...
...and drips...
on the people using the stationery bikes.

And the lockers...
are not very neat.

Oh, and the body shampoo they provide smells like fruit...

Rotten fruit.

And here's what happened few days ago after I had my (sucky) workout -

I was walking into the gents and when I pass the hairdryer counter, I saw this Indian/Malay/mixed guy/girl/mixed drying his/her long hair (that's how uncertain I am of what it is). Now 'it' had long hair.. all the way to its lower back. 'It' had a face which is hard to discern if it belonged to a guy or a girl. 'It' had a belly and was overweight.

And most of all... 'it' has

Yes, this is how I looked like when I saw those tits.

I went out to check the sign to see if I'm really in the gents, not the ladies. Oh, I AM in the gents.

When I went back in, a lady outside shouted into the gents, "Jessica!! Jessica!!" and 'it' responded to the calling.

I almost fainted!!

But I went on taking off my shirt, keeping my stuff in the locker, and taking my towel to the shower.

And 'it' was finally done drying its hair and went on to change.

Then when the towel dropped, thank goodness... it was a dick (not that I enjoyed looking at it! Ew!).

Lesson learned: Weight train hard and keep away from the soy so that you'll build some muscle and really look like a guy!


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