March 12, 2010

Malaysian IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Wong Hong Making a Comeback!

There is much buzz going around the Malaysian bodybuilding community that Malaysian IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Wong Hong (aka Wong Ngai Hong) is making a comeback in the pro circuit. Yes! You heard that! Malaysia has a pro bodybuilder! :)

Wong Hong, born 4th April 1970, is going to compete in the 2010 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix on 13th March 2010 at Melbourne, Australia. Currently, he is a personal trainer and owns a gym, F1 Fitness One gym at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. He is also a spokesperson/sponsored athlete of FusionExcel & Egonutritions.

Previously, Wong Hong was in a hiatus from competing because of a heart failure that caused him to pull out of the 2008 Australian Grand Prix. He was then put on medication by his doctor and couldn't perform heavy training until early 2009.

As compared to previous competitions, Wong Hong is now able to dial in his condition to a drier and more vascular state. Oh! As I'm blogging, photos from the Aussie Pro is already circulating around the Internet! Check them out!

Here's some other photos of Wong Hong...

Wong Hong at a makan session with other Malaysian bodybuilders.

Wong Hong with Fab Body featured bodybuilder, Kimberley Chai, female bodybuilder Lillian Tan and Malaysian bodybuilder & Mr. Asia, Terry Gallyot.

Wong Hong with Kimberley Chai and Ernie Tng (noticed him on the top right part of Fabodylous' header photo?) at a EgoNutritions outlet.

All the best to Wong Hong as he strives for victory at the Aussie Pro! May he make Malaysia proud!


P.s. My biggest regret is that I've lost the photo which I took with Wong Hong some years ago. Like my mom said when she saw that photo, "Waahh! Wee Kiat, you look ssoooooo small beside him!".

Thanks mom.


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