April 28, 2010

Kai Greene | A New Breed, Volume 1 | Overkill | Part 4

Here's Part 4 of Kai Greene's overkill and in my opinion, it's the most motivating part of the series so far. I shed a tear while watching it, especially during the last few minutes. It reminds me of the times sometimes when I'm in my gym, 1am in the morning, alone with rock music blasting through the speakers at maximum volume. And I just cry. Not because of the pain. Yes, the pain is there. And it's extreme. But I'm not crying because of that. I'm crying because I want to the best so bad. I want to be the best sooo fuckin' bad! And I'm disappointed with myself. Times when I could have done one more rep. Times when I could have slept earlier and not cheat on my diet. All passes through my mind. Inside, I start scolding myself,

"Do you wanna win? Do you wanna fuckin' win!? Do you wanna be the best?! Someone is doing this too and they are doing it better than you! Then swallow your blood and keep on going! *roar!*"

This is a dedicated sport my brothers and sisters. You must want it so badly to be the best in it. It's not about working out to look good anymore.

What is it about then?

It's about this one life.

You have only chance. One chance to make history. One chance to prove you're different from the billions of people in this world.

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