May 2, 2010

The Sunday Times Hot Bods - Marcus Fam & Sharmila Tanapathy

Oh look who is in The Sunday Times' Hot Bods section! It's local bodybuilder Marcus Fam Shu Han and physique competitor, Sharmila Tanapathy!

Hmm... I wonder what do they mean when they say Marcus works on his cardio by playing games with his students...???

Oh! There you go! Marcus playing with his *ahem* single-gendered students.

Hmm, both Marcus and Sharmila are teachers, noticed that? I'm sure their students will be very proud of them!

Here are photos of Marcus and Sharmila in the Singapore National Bodybuilding Championships 2010!

Ok, last photo!
Eh Marcus, where are you looking at?! And oh shit, I look retarded!


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