May 31, 2010

Dinner With the Robackers!

So, just over a week ago, fitness competitor, Yekaterina Robacker (Katya for short) and her husband were ever so kind to invite my girlfriend and I over to their place for dinner with them. So, ready to see what's in the diet of a top fitness competitor?

First up,
chicken breasts on top of green and purple lettuce! Perfect lean protein source.

long beans! Looks oily, right? Oily in extra virgin olive oil, that is.

And yum, I like this one.
Mixed veggies. Katya was making this Asian-style. But obviously, it didn't taste fully like an Asian dish. Lol. No complains though.

And my all-time favourite muscle-builder, beef!
Not just any beef, but Australian beef! Cooked rare to maintain its protein goodness! Mooo!

There were sweet potatoes and organic pumpkin too. My girlfriend enjoyed them. But sigh, being on a low carb diet, I took like, only one piece.

I missed a photo of the eggs, which you can see in the background here. I'm not sure what Katya mixed the yolks with, but I never tasted hard-boiled eggs so good! Usually, they just taste bland to me.

And lastly, for beverage, we had red wine!

Readers, so you see now that dieting doesn't have to be boring and plain. Oh damn! I missed the chance to take photos with the Robacker kids! Yup, that's three hyper kids - two sons and one daughter.

Thank you to both Katya and Terry for inviting us for such a wonderful dinner and to Sovereign, Sasha and Sky (the kids) for bringing out the child in us!

Ok, so after the dinner, my baby and I went to this nearby mall which we had not been to before - Kallang Leisure Mall.

And at the arcade centre, something caught my eye.
Uh-huh, and they think that playing this game is "strenuous exercise"?

And after that, we saw...
kissing shadows. ;)


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