June 6, 2010

FREE Magnum Serum Accelerated Samples! (Updated)

Note: The last day for this survey will be 10th June. So send in your emails quick!

Hey guys, want a free sample of one of the most powerful pre-workout formula on the market today?

Fabodylous is now giving them away!!

How? By just helping out in the Fabodylous Readers Survey!

Email us your name, age, gender, contact number, home address (make sure this is correct or the sample won't be able to get to you) and what topic(s) you would to like to read on Fabodylous. Email: fabodylous@gmail.com

This is not a contest. Just fill in ALL of those details and the sample will be sent to you. Until stocks last, of course (I'll inform you guys if it does, ok?). And I'm sorry to inform my dear readers from other countries (especially Malaysia) but this offer is only available for Singaporean addresses. But please do participate in the survey to help me write better articles for you, my dear readers.

For more info about this perfect pre-workout formula, click here!


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