May 18, 2010

Magnum Athletes Chalet!

In celebration of the great performance that Magnum athletes have put up at the Singapore National Bodybuilding Championships 2010 recently, Magnum has organised a chalet outing for local bodybuilders!

But before we go to the chalet photos,

Congratulations to Magnum athletes,

Zen Low
-Junior Below-60 kg Champion
-Men's Open Below-65 kg Runner-Up

Brandon Yang
-Junior Below-70 kg Runner-Up

And last but not least,

Myren Fu
-Junior Below-80 kg Champion

Here are the photos from the chalet:

Irene "the chef" doing her thing.

The Magnum athletes. Where is Brandon? Let's say he ate some not-so-fresh food the day before.

Elton Lim & Debbie!

The Magnum chalet cake. WTF?!? The baker spelled 'nutraceuticals' correctly but 'congratulations' wrong!!

Next year, bodybuilders should look to New Urban Male for sponsorship! We look good in those tight shirts yo!


Ps. My diet is ruined.


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