June 30, 2010

How to Lose Weight Fast 101: Part Six: Supplements

If you're gonna put in all the effort controlling your diet and training hard, you won't want to waste your efforts. In fact, you want to maximise your results and get those abs or slim waist ASAP! Certain supplements can help, because they affect your body in ways food can't and they are so much more convenient to consume.

As a start, I recommend that you take these few supplements. These were the supplements that I took to become as ripped as possible for Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010. With this combo, I went from 75kg to 67kg in 10 weeks (with 2 weeks of no exercise and dieting in between due to exams. I gained 3kg which I had to re-lose again during this period. I hate exams). So that's like, 11kg in 10 weeks. That's not bad at all!

This supplement combo is to ensure that all your micronutrient needs are covered. Plus, fish oil, Heat, and Acid work in a synergistic way to burn fat. Three of these target different pathways of the fat burning mechanism so they don't interfere with each other but instead, complement each other for the fastest burning effect possible by making sure all fat burning pathways are opened as wide as possible.

Natrol Multiple (complete multivitamin)
When eating limited amounts of food, you might not get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Just take one tablet of Natrol Multiple and your problem is solved. Short and simple.

NOW Foods Super EPA (double strength fish oil)
Essential fatty acids don't just decrease inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol problems. They help with fat loss too! They do so in two ways, by promoting the burning of fat (lipolysis) and preventing the formation of fat cells (lipogenesis). Plus, this supplement is darn cheap at S$0.55 per serving. And the benefits exceed the cost by far! NOW Foods Super EPA in particular is double strength, meaning it has twice the amount of essential fatty acids per gram of fish oil.

4ever Fit 4ever Whey Protein (whey blend)
This is for convenience's sake. When you're dieting, it may be hard to cook five meals a day. For meals where I recommend 35g protein and 10g fat intake, you can easily just bring along a shaker bottle (which comes free with every order from Fabodylous) with one and a half scoops of whey protein and a packet of 16 almonds to work/school/college and just have your meal in minutes. At S$1.53 per 35g of protein, it's even cheaper than most meals!

Magnum Quattro (100% protein isolate blend)
Magnum Quattro is 100% protein isolate formula, which makes it perfect for post-workout shakes (isolates are the purest form of protein supplements). After workouts, you need fast-digesting protein to deliver much needed amino acids to your muscles to help it recover. Remember, post-workout nutrition is THE MOST important meal of all. Getting it right will help you make lots of gains. Getting it wrong will keep you in a catabolic (muscle burning) state. It's a make-or-break period, so to say.

Magnum Heat (fat burner with stimulant)
Heat will be the core supplement that will help you burn off the fat. With its many ingredients, it will help your body increase lipolysis, reduce fat storage and provide long-lasting energy. Magnum Heat will make your weight loss journey a lot faster.

Magnum Acid (non-stimulant fat burner)
One thing you should always be worried of when losing weight is whether the weight loss is muscle or fat. This is where Magnum Acid comes in. Acid has been shown to build muscle AND burn fat at the same time. How? It's a nutrition partitioner. It makes sure that your muscle gets the nutrients it needs (even with a calorie-deficit diet) and burns fat along the way!

Here's the instructions of how to take them supplements.

15 minutes before breakfast - 1 serving of Magnum Heat and Acid

Morning with breakfast - 1 serving of Natrol Multiple and Super EPA

15 minutes before a late afternoon meal (around 2-4pm) - 1 serving of Magnum Heat and Acid

Whenever you need a meal replacement - One and a half scoops of 4ever Whey (plus any other food to satisfy your macronutrient needs for that meal).

Post-workout - One scoop of Magnum Quattro

All of the supplements above could be found at Nutrifirst. Click here to visit Nutrifirst's online store. Now, supplementation isn't that hard, is it? Next part: Training Programme!


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