June 26, 2010

My Post-Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010 Bulking Stack

So right now, I'm done with competitions for the next two years. Yes people, no more competitions for two years. Why? I'll explain in another post. But what I'm going to do during these two years is bulk, bulk, bulk! Clean bulk, that is. In short, to gain as much muscle as possible without fat.

And this will be my supplement stack for the coming months.

Natrol Multiple
NOW Foods Super EPA
Magnum Quattro
Scivation Xtend
BSN True Mass
Magnum Serum Accelerated

And how do I plan to take it?

Meal 1 - Natrol Multiple and Super EPA with breakfast.

Meal 3 - True Mass as a replacement for Meal 3. I'll probably have classes during this time so True Mass will be very convenient.

Pre-Workout - Magnum Serum Accelerated

Intra-Workout - Scivation Xtend

Post-Workout - Magnum Quattro mixed with glucose + Kre-Alkalyn

So that's the stack that I plan to use, at least for the next few months. Hope it'll give you guys some ideas of how to stack your supplements! If you guys wanna purchase these supplements, feel free to visit our supplement store by clicking here!

Train hard!


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