June 11, 2010

How to Lose Weight Fast 101: Part Two: Motivation

Before we get to the training and dieting, I want to speak to you about change in lifestyle. Because if you've not been on a diet or training programme, this will be a huge change in your lifestyle. And honestly, most people will just drop out of the programme in a matter of days! Right now, make the decision that YOU won't! You're gonna clean up your diet, throw away junk in your fridge and on your shelves and allocate AT LEAST three 45 minute sessions a week for workouts. You can decide to do that or just skip this article (this whole blog, actually) and stay the way you are for good.

Ok, if you're on this paragraph, great job in making the decision that will change your life. Don't worry, after awhile on a weight loss programme, you'll get so used to it that it just feels like your daily lifestyle. Now, let's move on to motivation, which is what the next section is about.

Why do Fat People Stay Fat?
Have you ever wondered, why, despite the availability of facilities, supplements and knowledge to help people lose weight nowadays, there are still plenty of overweight people? Well, the answer is social identity theory. Yes, I've learnt this in university and I'm applying it now. So no school fees wasted.

Social identity theory means that people recognise themselves as belonging to a certain part of the community. E.g. Students, poor, Chinese, or even, fat. A perfect example is when I was in a high school meeting and a guy asked a fat, highly-feminist Indian girl, "You sure you wanna eat that?" and she replied, Queen Latifah-style (with the finger actions too), "I'm gonna eat whatever I want, and I don't care about no exercise!". And what's worse is I coincidentally choked on my egg white (for no reason) at that time and she thought I was being sarcastic at her! Thank goodness after awhile, she believed that I actually did choke on my food.

Anyway, my point is, if you think like that, you're not going to lose any weight. She has accepted herself as who she is (ok, that's not completely bad) and identified herself as belonging to the overweight community. Plus, being highly-feminist, she doesn't care about what men think about her.

Whether or not you care about the opposite sex, if all this while you have identified yourself as fat and accepted that comfortably, it's time to change that mindset. Depending on your age and social group, identify yourself with those who are physically superior in your community. It can be beach-worthy bodies. If you're aiming higher, bodybuilders and fitness models. Or, if you've passed your prime, middle-aged men with a flat belly (or even abs) and middle-aged ladies with ample energy and slim thighs.

Change your mindset and find your motivation!

Next, if you have not felt it yet, believe me, losing weight feels great and you'll be proud of it! Here's a few messages that I have received from clients who have successfully lost some pounds.

Look at that! Don't you feel their happiness? They have put in the effort and look how happy they are with the results! And ladies, the first message is from a lady client, so this whole blog/article isn't just for guys. You will feel the same way too when you start shedding the pounds!

Imagine the compliments you'll receive!

Imagine the shocked faces of friends who noticed that you shrinked a lot!

Imagine the stares from the opposite sex when you're wearing a tight/sexy outfit or at the beach!

If you're all pumped up and ready to start on the weight loss programme, let's go to the next part - Part Three: Dieting.


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