August 23, 2010

Ronnie Coleman Seminar & The Asian Premiere of The Expendables

Nineteenth of August Two Thousand and Ten - So today is the big day of Ronnie Coleman's visit in Singapore. Not just because we have a seminar session with the Big Mr O, but sponsors SFBF and PAA has booked a cinema for the Asian premiere of the star-studded action-packed movie, The Expendables! Click here to find out more about PAA and here to find out more about SFBF.

So let's skip to the training seminar. I was 10 minutes late for it but hey, Malaysians are poly-chronic. When I arrived, Ronnie was in the middle of doing some squats. Today, the crowd is bigger than yesterday. And surprisingly, there were several ladies there too (in the light that bodybuilding is a male-dominant sport).

ronnie coleman training legs

Ronnie definitely can squat A LOT more than this. I guess he's just chillin' for this workout.

Next, Ronnie moves on to leg presses.

And look who is lucky enough to get a free ride on the leg press machine with Ronnie Coleman "driving" it! It's Kimberley Chai! Click here to check out her feature on Fabodylous!

And to add to it, for the movie that we'll all be watching later, Kimberley Chai got to sit next to Big Ron! There you go Kim, a nice pair of big deltoids for you to lie on during the sad and emotional parts of the movie. Too bad in this movie, there aren't any! Haha.

Then it's time for the Q&A session. And just for your information, Ronnie predicts that Jay Cutler will retain his title for this year's Mr Olympia! And then he speaks on how doing incomplete reps could help save your joints.

Yup, the ladies just can't get enough of Ronnie.

And after training hams, here comes another Q&A session. Ronnie seems to be in a more jovial mood today (perhaps he has recovered from jet lag), so I decided to ask him, "Hey Ronnie, what reactions did you get from the people whose cars you pulled over last time when you were a policeman? Were they like *GASP!!!* ?"

Thank you to Eric Goh for this well-captured photo. Click here to visit his website.

And Ronnie said, "You said it man! That always happens!" *Everyone bursts into laugher*. Well, how would YOU feel if someone the size of Ronnie asked you to stop your vehicle aside the road?

How sucky will it be if you've met an 8-time Mr Olympia and you have no photos or autographed posters/shirts with his picture? In view of that, it's photo and autograph time!

Ronnie signed my Flex magazine!

So the two seminar sessions are over. Thank you to Adrian Tan of The Gym At Orchard for providing the venue for the event! Click here to find out more about Adrian's gym.

So after the seminar, I chilled at a certain fast food restaurant with my Malaysian homies, Kimberley and Kiu Loong. And yes, I'm not on diet, so I had a quadruple patty burger! Muahahaha! Recognise which fast food restaurant is this?

After a bite and a nap (the seats at the restaurant were too comfy to resist), Kim and I skipped back to The Gym At Orchard for her to change her clothes and Kiu Loong went back to his hotel room.

For those who are still confused with tonight's itinerary, tonight is the Asian premiere of Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables. Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) booked one entire cinema for this screening and gave away free tickets to those who requested for them.

There was already a crowd at the venue, Filmgarde Iluma, before I arrived.

And when Ronnie arrived, everyone just crowded all around him.

There goes Ronnie, practicing his John Hancock again.

Here's Ronnie with my classmate, Alicia! She kept on complaining that her glasses made her look nerdy that day. She looks pretty instead of nerdy, right people?! :D

And after everyone got their autographed shirt or poster, it's time to get seated in the cinema!

First up, Terry gave a speech to introduce Ronnie Coleman to the crowd (not like Ronnie needs any intro anyway). Then, it's posing time! Yeaahhhh buuuddaayy!! Thank you to Tony Tong of Musselsg Youtube Channel for this video!

I wasn't able to capture many photos of Ronnie's posing because the people at the cinema kinda screwed up the lighting but here's what I got.

Here's the video of the entire movie.

Oops. Too bad. :D

And about the movie, there wasn't much of a storyline, but there were plenty of ass-kickin', body-splittin', blood-splatterin' from the macho-est guys in the world!

Yup, so it's not the type of movie that you would wanna bring your kids to watch. However, someone DID bring his family and kids along. And guess who?

Edmund Chen Zhi Cai.

Hmm.. Looks like he works out too!

For you guys who do not know who Edmund is, he played Chun-Li's dad in the movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

When I saw him walking into the cinema with his kids, I just thought to myself, "Oh boy, Edmund's gonna have LOTS to explain to his kids after the movie."


Thank you to SFBF for organising this whole event (seminar with Ronnie and premiere of the Expendables) and Physique's Athletes' Association (PAA) for sponsoring it.

P.s. Remember to check out training and Q&A videos on Fabodylous' Youtube Channel. Click here to do so. Any questions about Ronnie? Go ahead, ask them in the comments section.


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