August 28, 2010

Fabodylous is Soooo International!

Everyone's been talking about Ronnie Coleman in Singapore. And I don't just mean Singaporeans themselves, but people from USA, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, Slovakia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands and other countries too! Here's a few excerpts from the forums. Some are pretty funny.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Here's one from a German bodybuilding forum.

And this one is from a Brazilian bodybuilding forum.

Not sure where is forum based, but this guy is from Belgium.

Again, another European forum.

This is from an Estonian forum.

Look!! Muscle & Fitness Slovakia featured Fabodylous on their website... TWICE!!! And for your information, the "TU" is a link to Fabodylous. Anyone can help translate the whole article?

This one is from the Forums.

And this one is from a bodybuilding website based in Denmark. THEY THINK SINGAPORE IS IN MALAYSIA!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This forumer from Netherlands is helping me spread the love!

And look! A Taiwanese blogger wrote something about Ronnie and me bloggie! I can't read Chinese by the way. Someone help translate please!!

And for some reason, MANY MANY people on Forums find this photo funny and decided to caption it. These are just a few well done ones. Yea, it might seem insulting, but I know some of these forumers and they are just having a laugh at it, nothing serious. So, peace!

Maybe my shirt is too big. Gotta get tight fitting ones so my macho humps are visible.

Keanu Reeves?

And here's the ultimate one!! Question: What will it be like if 8-time Mr Olympia is a Chinese OR what if I'M the 8-time Mr Olympia??



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