August 30, 2010

Taylor Lautner / Male Model vs Bodybuilder

Most of you guys out there probably don't want to look like me. Most of you guys wanna look lean, with abs and nice arms and chest aka the Taylor Lautner look. And because of that, I receive a lot of emails from guys asking me what they should do to attain the male model look instead of the bodybuilder look. And here's the sucky part - Because they don't want to be huge, they don't train as hard as they possibly can. That's a misconception! What on earth makes you think that Taylor Lautner didn't work his ass out for those abs? If you DON'T work your ass to the max, then you won't attain that male model look, and definitely nothing close to the bodybuilder look.

taylor lautner

So to clear up the misconceptions and bullshit, here's a list of things that a male model and bodybuilder have in common and a list of things that a bodybuilder does that male models don't that brings them to another level of muscularity.

Both male models and bodybuilders...

#1 Train Very Hard

Let's say, to have a male model's body, you must gain 20lbs of muscle and to attain a bodybuilder's body, you need an additional 50lbs of muscle. So either way, you need to gain muscle. It's just that if you aim for a model's body, you'll probably reach your goal sooner. So unless you've gained that 20lbs of muscle already, what excuse do you have to not train to your max? And gaining muscle is a slow process, so you will NEVER accidentally gain too much and be "too buffed".

#2 Watch Their Diet

Again, whether you're trying to build 20lbs of muscle to look like Taylor Lautner or 50lbs of muscle to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, muscle is built on protein. And if you don't try to get a MINIMUM of 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, you will achieve neither goal.

#3 Take Supplements

Perhaps a bodybuilder will take a wider variety of supplements, but for faster gains, both bodybuilders and male models will find the basic stack of protein, multivitamins, fish oil and creatine a big help.

#4 Have Goals to Motivate Them

Whether it's for a bodybuilding contest or magazine cover, both male models and bodybuilders have intrinsic motivation. Ok ok, maybe not all, but that's the difference between the successful male models and bodybuilders and the not-so-successful ones. If you want to be great at something, set short, medium and long term goals for yourself. Click here to learn more about goal setting.

On the other hand, here are the differences between a bodybuilder and male model.

#1 A Bodybuilder Has an Off-Season

before and after weight loss
Most bodybuilders, honestly, stay "fat" (for THEIR standard) for most parts of the year and then they cut to single-digit fat percentages when it's time for them to compete. This is because without having to stay lean for most times, they are able to consume more calories and gain maximum amount of muscle. On the other hand, a male model would need to stay in shape all-year round for their job. They must ensure that they do not consume too many calories. Hence, maximum muscle mass isn't possible.

#2 A Male Model Prioritizes Certain Bodyparts

Honestly, when catwalking or when modelling for an underwear, people usually look at the "hunky & sexy" muscles such as abs, chest, shoulders and arms. So male models usually neglect training their legs and back. However, for a bodybuilder, they must train every part if they wanna look proportionate on stage. Nonetheless, both train very hard.

#3 (Most) Bodybuilders Take Steroids and (Some) Male Models Don't

Yes, most top-level bodybuilders are on something. It's pretty hard to achieve a bodybuilder's body naturally. So for those who don't aim to be a huge bodybuilder, don't think that just by training hard, you'll become THAT big. It WON'T happen. But just to set a gauge, I'm 100% natural - for real, so if you guys wanna achieve a physique like mine, you can do it naturally. And I'm able to achieve this condition naturally. Most guys could achieve a male model's body without steroids but of course, it'll take longer.

So I hope that I've cleared the misconceptions between training for that Taylor Lautner body and for a bodybuilder's body. Did I miss out anything? If I did, please comment. Train hard!

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