September 5, 2010

Training at Gym At Orchard!

Note: This post has been delayed for quite some time. Thus, I'll be writing as if it was early August 2010.

Finally I got the chance to train at Adrian Tan, Mr Singapore 2006's new gym, The Gym At Orchard! On this very day, I'll be training chest. This is my first workout after a long break after Mr Kuala Lumpur, so I'm kinda weak. Don't start criticizing the light weights I'm using! Hmph! And if you're wondering why is there a rooster on my shirt, it's my university hostel shirt. Go Eusoff Hall! Why they chose a rooster? I don't know.

Here's a few photos of the awesome new gym!

Look at that looooooooooooonnnggg row of dumbbells!

And the very classy bathroom.

Oh look! 60kg!! I'm talking about the dumbbells of course, not her. :D

And Adrian was busy that day and had to leave to another place. So we took a few shots before him leaving.

First up, we have incline bench presses. Instead of starting out with the normal bench press, I did inclines to bring out more of my upper chest to develop the "cleavage" (yes girls, guys have them too!).

But before I start benching, I warm my shoulders up by performing a set of side laterals and shrugs using 10lb dumbbells. This is because after a few years of benching, my shoulders hurt whenever I bench, no matter how light the weight is. Guess it's just normal wear and tear of the body. If you guys have the same symptoms, try doing what I do. It helps - a lot! Solves the problem completely and I don't feel any pain anymore.

After that, I move on to machine bench press and cable crossovers. I chose these two exercises because I don't have the equipment to perform them in my usual gym. Thus, I'm taking this opportunity to shock my pectorals with exercises which they're not used to.

Plus, I have a preference for machine bench press over barbell bench press. Although according to common knowledge that free weight exercises build more muscle fixed-plane machine exercises, I feel that machine bench press target my chest better. You see, I have a weak chest and overpowering triceps. Thus, when I bench, I tend to use a lot more of my triceps to move and stabilize the bar. Using machines, I can feel my chest better because my triceps do not have to work so hard to stabilize the weight. If you have overpowering triceps, try using machines and see if it makes a difference.

Baby posing. She's getting good at it.

I had to cut my workout short because that night I was supposed to meet up with some peeps from a health and fitness forum. So, four sets of each exercise is good enough for me. Nonetheless, it gave me a good impression of Gym at Orchard. I love Gym at Orchard! It's the perfect PURIST gym. Weights and machines. And for those who are new to them, personal training is available too. No BodyTwist, BodyShock, BodySomersault, etc classes! Just the tools that is needed to shape a body to its best condition possible! And lots of it!!

And lastly, how can I not test out the wonderful mirrors at Gym at Orchard?

Yes, as you can see, the mirrors work very very well too! :D

For more information about Gym at Orchard, click here.

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Peace out.


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