August 18, 2010

Ronnie Coleman Training Back, Biceps and Abs

Ronnie Coleman's finally here in Singapore! And I got to meet him! Oh yeah! Ok, anyway, back to the topic, despite a tiring 25-hour flight, Mr Olympia has to get his workout. Today, he trained his back, biceps and abs at True Fitness, Suntec City Mall. Yup, click here for their website.

First thing he requested for before he started his workout,

"You guys got gum?"

And Terry's like, "Oh uh. Err.. I have bad news Ronnie. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore."

Ronnie, "Owh!"

Me, "Yup, welcome to Singapore."


I have few words to describe this workout. Ronnie's tired and obviously jet-lagged. Even though he couldn't put in 100% in his workout today, his star power is definitely working at 100%.

Look at the number of people crowding around Ronnie!

I bet some guy ran to his friend on the other side of the gym and went,

"Hey dude! Ronnie Coleman just stepped into the gym!!"

"Ha... ha. Very funny. Now get lost."

"No dude! Seriously!! It's Ronnie Coleman!"

"Yes, and my wife is Megan Fox"

" -_-'' "

Anyway, here are some photos from the workout. The next day, Ronnie's gonna be rested and ready to rock the crowd at The Gym At Orchard! So take this as a warm-up for the big day!

So finally, workout's over. What's next? Dinner!

Terry: So Ronnie, what would you like to have for dinner?

Ronnie: Well er, steak would be good. But I need some rice. Anything here with rice?

Terry: How about chicken rice?

Ronnie: O yeah sure, that'll be great.

Katya: You do know that the chicken rice here is mixed with garlic or ginger, right? Do you like garlic and ginger?

Ronnie: I don't like garlic OR ginger!

*Terry, Katya and I stare blankly at each other*

Well, I guess it's hotel food for Ronnie tonight.

And before we leave, it's everyone's wish come true! A few members even waited until Ronnie's workout was over to take a photo with him.

Snap! And here's the photo.

To those who were at True Fitness and want the high-quality version of this photo, email me at!

As for the rest, stay tuned to Fabodylous for more of Ronnie Coleman! And videos from today's training session could be found at!!

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