September 12, 2010

Mr Olympia 2010


The Mr Olympia 2010 will go down in the history books as one of the most competitive Mr Olympia ever. Gone were the days where one can safely bet either Ronnie Coleman (Mr Olympia 1998-2005), Dorian Yates (Mr Olympia 1992-1997) or Lee Haney (Mr Olympia 1984-1991) will win the competition hands down.

This year, there's 6 prominent bodybuilders who could win the majestic title of Mr Olympia and they are (in no particular order), Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez and Branch Warren, with Phil, Kai and Jay being the most prominent three.

Jay Cutler won the 2009 Mr Olympia, which most thought would be the most competitive Mr Olympia leading up to the contest. However, on the contest day itself, three out of the aforementioned bodybuilders did not compete in their best shape. Phil Heath was down with a horrible diarrhea, Kai Greene did not peak at his best shape and Victor Martinez, who had a knee surgery several months before the competition, still had visible weaknesses in his legs. Plus, a top competitor who was expected to place well in the Mr Olympia, Dennis Wolf, didn't even placed within the top 15. In the end, it was quite a disappointing Mr Olympia for those who hoped to see muscularity that they've never seen before, tight competition between the top six and one point wins.

This time, fingers crossed, all of the top dogs will be able to show up in their best condition ever to put on the best show for the most anticipated and exciting Mr Olympia of all time!

As for now, let's have some fun with Mr Olympia...



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