October 6, 2010

2010 Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships in Singapore

Day 2 of the WBPF multi-championships is over and what a day it was! Not all good though. First of all, how can this be called a world event?! There were, like, more or less 100 people in the audience, at most! By the later part of it, less than 50 audiences remained in the hall. Plus, SBBF called this event a "mega-event" on their Facebook page. Yea right.

Anyway, I don't want to sound too sulky and whiny throughout this whole post, so I'll go to the good stuff. My home country won several podium finishes, including a silver medal won by Mohd Noor Syukri Nasir, here with his wife and daughter. Cool haircut bro!

My vegan bodybuilding enthusiast friend, Kana, finally got to meet his bodybuilding idol, Malaysia's very own Mr Universe Sazali Samad.

It's Team Ietnam! Oh wait, it's Vietnam. The V is on her hand.

Jonas Asis Tam brought home a gold for Team Singapore.

Puja Roy from India showing us how she flies.

Lisa Cheng from Hong Kong, the crowd favourite, ahem, I mean the testosterone-driven boys' favourite, won two categories, including the World's Women Physique above-160cm category.

The boys went crazy when this dude got two kisses from Lisa. Notice the lipstick stains on his cheeks?

Wanchai Kanchanapimai during his winning performance.

The finely etched backs of Mohammad Nasiri and Sergey Klyepchev.

Thai female bodybuilder, Jaranya Dungkam, displayed a physique that put most of the guys to shame. And she received the most ovation for her super lively performance to Maroon 5's 'Won't Go Home Without You'. Her performance woke everyone up from the draggy event and made everyone shake a limb or two.

And I finally got the name of my Wonder Girl babe - Park So Ra. Congrats for getting 2nd in the World's Women Physique category So Ra! Saranghaeyo!

Sazali Samad giving a thumbs up to female Thai athletes Roongtawan Jindasing and Apiporn Chomsomboon.

Team Thailand with all their hard-earned trophies.

Ok, sorry my readers, but I just need to continue ranting about something that just can't be ignored. I noticed it. My companions at the event noticed it. Even the athletes noticed it. Something is very fucked up with results of some of the categories. I'm not going to mention exactly which categories I felt were unfair because I don't want to take away any credit to the winners who have trained and dieted hard for this day. I've been there and I know it sucks when after all your efforts, someone thinks you don't deserve to win.

But honestly, there were so many times when many felt the positions are obviously unfair. You can hear it from the crowd, especially from the people shouting "Kelong!" which is like a Singaporean slang with the meaning of biased. It sickens me. It sickened some members of the audience. I talked to several of the athletes whom I thought should have placed higher and they just told me that they were sickened by the judges' decisions (or maybe it's not their decisions at all).

There was even a boo-fest (not exactly though, since there were only 40 plus people in the crowd then) when a top-form women physique competitor was announced third place when many expected her to win.

Oh, and remember the lady with the fantastic body that I've mentioned in my last post? Specifically, Penpraghai Tiangngok. She was disqualified from the event because she was accused of being a man! WTF!! I can't say much about the truth of this matter, but someone told me that Pen was pissed about the disqualification. And I feel her. Weeks of dieting down the drain? The feeling sucks!

I was very disappointed with this event.

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