October 3, 2010

WBPF World, Asian and SEA Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships 2010

The *insert long event name here* is a two-day event, and it's happening right now, on 2nd and 3rd October. The pre-judging is over and I'm just waiting for the finals in a few hours time.

My review for the pre-judging? The physiques were FANTASTIC but the event was disappointing. At most there were only, like, 50 people in the audience!

Plus, there was a time when the top three athletes were constantly leaning on something, drinking water and taking breaks because the judges made them go through too many callouts. Pity them. Dehydrated and tortured.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pre-judging photos. I'm heading out to UCC for the finals now.

Here's the line-up for the junior category. Yup, you heard me, the juniors. India dominated this category.

Team Magnum in da house.

Singapore's very own Sharon Lim.

This is Lisa. And the group of guys behind me were literally proposing to her and shouting her name everytime she appears onstage.

But my favourite contestant is... her!

She's from Korea and I think she's the epitome of a beautiful innocent-hot Korean babe. Isn't she just so pweetty? And she did the Wonder Girls hip sway onstage too! Her name is Park..something. Yea, part of entertainment of the night was listening to the emcee trying to pronounce the name of contestants from various Asian countries. The best were the Thai names, which usually has like, a dozen syllables. Lol! Saranghaeyo, Ms Park!

Moments later...

This figure contestant is tough! Driest and tightest figure athlete onstage! She's from Thailand and her fans love her.

Sharmila Tanapathy from Singapore.

Liz Zain from Singapore.

Syukri from Malaysia and Jonas from Singapore both made it to the finals of their category.

Lilian Tan representing Malaysia is looking strong to win her category in the competition. Go Lilian, go Malaysia!

Umm.. this lady from India has a very peculiar-looking one-piece fitness suit.

Akane Gushiken of Singapore.

Here's Lisa again, stunning the judges... and the boys.

The fitness routines were very energetic and theatrical.

OMG! The Mask decided to be in fitness!

Helloooo Lara Croft!

Mike, Mr Malaysia 2010, is second from the right.

Singapore athletes Earric Lee (left most) and Marcus Fam (second from right) onstage.

The women's bodybuilding category showcased the toughest female physiques in the region.

See you, Ms Park!

Click here for the report on day 2.


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