October 18, 2010

Bodybuilding Contests 2010 - Muscle Explosion 3

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Just only two weeks after the Multi Bodybuilding Championships, we're in for another bodybuilding contest, but this time, a local bodybuilding contest. Funny thing is, the number of people in the audience is a lot more compared to the Multis! Lol! The problem THIS TIME is, there are five categories and only twelve competitors. Great job, SBBF (yes, that's sarcasm).

Out of the five categories, there were three winners.

Chow Ngai Kay won the Junior Under 70kg category.

Danie Dharma won the Junior Above 70kg and Men's Athletic Above 170cm category.

And lastly, Mohd Iswandy B Sapi won the Men's Athletic Under 170cm and Men's Open Bodybuilding Category.

Here's some photos of the day.

My companion for the day. :)

Actor Zheng Ge Ping was at the event too, seen here with competitor Desmond Lee.

Ken Woo made lots of improvements since the Singapore Nationals.

Desmond Lee was by far the most massive bodybuilder on stage, but Danie Dharma was able to hold him back with his definition and smooth lines.

"Rocky" Rajan Kalimuthu garnered huge support from his dozens of family and friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's your entertainment for the night - a sketch, "Bollywood Bodybuilders" about four fumbling, not-so-knowledgeable and out-of-shape Indian guys with the noble dream of being bodybuilding champions.

And here's your other entertainment of the night! Michael Stephen, rookie bodybuilder, performing a rather well-known dance onstage!

Click here for the full results on Muscle Explosion 3.

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