October 21, 2010

Cost of Groceries for Bodybuilding

To some, bodybuilding can be expensive. As far as I know, I spend 3-4 times on food compared to my non-bodybuilding friends. So, for those who wanna get into bodybuilding and if you're wondering how much it will cost, here's a post about how much I spend on food. Oh yeah, food prices here are based on Singapore prices.

Here's my shopping list for my weekly visit to the wet market and grocery store. It's ALWAYS the same unless I ran out of toothpaste or shampoo.

Beef - S$30 (US$23) for 3kg
Mmmm... All the bloody goodness.

Here's how it looks like all cut up and marinated.

Eggs - S$9 (US$6.88) for 60
Staple protein source

Tuna - S$8.70 (US$6.65) for 6 cans
Instant protein food

Broccoli -S$3.30 (US$2.52) for 2 heads
Source of vitamins and fibre

Oatmeal - S$11 (US$8.40) for 2kg
Yum-yum carbo goodness! Notice that they are rolled oats, not instant, so they are harder to digest and last longer in your body - which is the point of consuming complex carbs anyway.

Pistachios -S$9.10 (US$6.95) for 450g
All the unsaturated fat you need

Raisins - S$4.40 (US$3.36) for 500g & Honey - S$5.80 (US$4.43) for 1kg
Sweet additions to the oatmeal

Hoi Sin & Worcestershire Steak Sauce - S$9 (US$6.88) for a bottle of each
Who can live without them?

So the total spending for this groceries shopping trip is S$90.30 (US$69) and most of these stuff will last me a week. Others such as the sauce, honey, raisins and almonds usually last two weeks.

So... my average spending on groceries is S$76 x 4 = S$304 (US$232). And if you've read this article (click here), you'll know that I eat out once a day. An average meal costs S$5. So that's an additional S$150 per month.

Total is S$454 (US$347)! Gasp! I bet my mom is gonna call me when she reads this post.

Is the spending worth it?
You tell me.

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