November 16, 2010

Supplement Questions

Here are some questions that I've received via email recently. Got any for me? Email them to!

Bro, how many months does it take for Magnum Heat to have noticeable results on the body? My friend took it and hasn't seen any results yet.

Hi bro. You must knock off the idea that Heat or any other fat burners are magic pills for weight loss and taking it without exercise can actually change things. It takes a huge change in lifestyle to lose real fat (not just water) and keep it off. Heat (or any fat burner) is just a small part of that process and it must be fueled by the right diet and exercise routine first.

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Hi, I am busy with work so sadly I don't have much time for exercise. I usually consume whey protein shake and creatine after my workout, but I heard that it's recommended to wait for an hour after taking the supplements before eating food, I would like to know can I consume the whey protein shake and creatine together with my food and skip the one-hour wait? Another thing: Can I mix whey protein with anything else in a bottle and drink it (save me time and water to wash it twice). For example, mix with casein or creatine? Any rules for mixing up 2 or 3 things together and drink it? Thanks for answering.

Hi there. You've misunderstood something right here. When you read that article telling you that you should eat an hour after consuming supplements (it actually applies to only your post-workout drink), it's not warning you that you should wait at least an hour between your post-workout drink and your next meal. It's recommending that you to have a meal within an hour after your PWO drink to further replenish your glycogen sources (because due to your elevated metabolism after your workout, your body will use up the nutrients in your PWO drink very fast). So if you want to eat right away, go ahead if you still have appetite after consuming your PWO drink. About mixing, sure, go ahead. But is there a reason that you chose a certain combination? Make sure that combination is justified. For whey + casein + creatine, there should be no problem. In fact, that's my mix for my PWO, along with glucose. Just a reminder, caffeine reduces the effectiveness of creatine, so don't add coffee into the mix.

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