November 9, 2010

HP: Make IT Happen Commercial with Singapore Bodybuilders!

So Hewlett Packard is making this video series for online circulation, aiming to promote, of course, HP products. And guess what? They decided to use bodybuilders in their ads!

So found Fabodylous and asked if I were interested to act in an ad for HP. And I was like, "Cool. Let's do it!"

Oh, they needed another three bodybuilders. So I called Magnum to bring another three huge guys and they didn't disappoint. They brought Myren Fu, Earric Lee and Ricky Wong, all winners of at least one category at the Singapore Nationals Bodybuilding Championships this year.

We look like a boyband, don't we?

So that's his secret of making his shirt look tight. Wonder how is he gonna get out of it...

Look at that nail!!! It belongs to our "janitor", Charles.

The office we used as our set (which is a real office) had a disco ball! Along with a pool table and a dart board! Something tells me that their fridge is full of beer too! I'm working for this company when I graduate! :D

Our make-up artist making Earric as pretty as he can be.

Ricky's fifteen minutes of fame.

Nice tat there, Myren.

I said, "Hey, did you get my best side on camera? If not, we better shoot it again." Just kidding...

Whoahh.. looks like our "janitor" is pretty ripped too!

That's lotttsssss of skin for a commercial.

With the very beautiful Melissa Faith Yeo, our cheerleader.

From left to right - Our main actor, Edward; director Benny and some guy wearing a Magnum shirt.

And finally, here's the final product after a day of shooting (and tonnes of editing on Peachblack's side)!

And that's not it! The day of the shoot kinda coincided with someone's special day. Watch this video to find out whose is it! Sorry for the blur recording. Was kind of a last minute idea. Special thanks to Benny the director, Edward, Chermaine and the rest of the crew for helping out in making this surprise!

And the next day, more fun at Universal Studios Singapore!

Japanese food! We had Japanese food three days in a row in fact. Hehe. Envy me. :D

Hmm... Maybe I should apply for a job at Universal Studios.

Egyptian food. Ahh.. I miss Egypt. Click here for some freakin' old photos.

Hello kitty!

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