December 16, 2010

Become An IFBB Professional Bodybuilder!

Hello my fellow Singaporean readers! I have exciting news for all of you!

singapore federation of bodybuilding and fitness

The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) will be having its first Singapore National Bodybuilding Championships this year in the middle of May. Exactly when? That will be announced soon. There is a reason why the date is not set yet. Keep on reading this post, I'll explain later.

The following categories will be contested at the SFBF Nationals.
-Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding
-Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
-Men’s Junior Bodybuilding
-Men’s and Women’s Fitness
-Women's Body Fitness (Figure)
-Women’s Bikini

Now, rub your eyes and read this next sentence.

Other than prize money for the top three of each categories, SFBF will grant four IFBB pro cards to be given out to the overall winner of the following categories!
-Men's Bodybuilding
-Women's Bodybuilding
-Women's Figure
-Women's Bikini

Yes! Serious stuff! And it gets better than that! Alright, if some of you weren't excited enough about "Big" Ronnie Coleman's special appearance in Singapore last August, guess who is SFBF trying to bring to Singapore this time?

arnold schwarzenegger pictures
Ooohhhhh yeah! "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger!

And that's the reason why the date of the SFBF Nationals isn't confirmed yet. They'll have to find a suitable weekend to fit into Arnold's schedule for him to attend the event. If Arnold do come to Singapore, he'll be gracing the SFBF Nationals with his presence and an opening speech! Oh, and the excitement doesn't end there. Ronnie Coleman is coming back to Singapore again! I guess he likes it here.

OMG! OMG! OMG! Tell me that you guys are excited as I am! So my dear brothers and sisters in iron, start training for the contest of your life. Let's admit it, most of us train and compete just for the love of it. Financially, bodybuilding has taken more from us than it has given us. And in Asia or at least in Singapore, there's barely any chance to make a living from being a bodybuilder per se. Well, thanks to a very dedicated man who worked very very hard to give Singaporean bodybuilders more opportunities to compete at a higher level, all of us have a chance to change our fate and become a professional at what we love. Yes, that selfless and far-looking man is Terry Robacker, president of SFBF.

ronnie coleman in singapore
From left: Ronnie Coleman, Terry and Katya Robacker.

For foreign bodybuilders, you're not left out of the action either. Yes, if you can make your way to Singapore, do come to support your friends and fellow bodybuilders (and meet Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger in person). But if you're intending to compete in the Nationals, there are some limitations. Foreign athletes are allowed to compete in the first SFBF National Bodybuilding Championships IF they have a valid student pass/permanent residency/working pass/etc in Singapore AND if they agree to represent Singapore in international events for the next 12 months. Each potential contestant will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For more information, email your details to

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