December 18, 2010

Personal Training In Singapore

Quite a number of readers have asked me about personal training and why I don’t offer it. I do, on a request-only basis and I don’t intend to pursue it full-time or anytime actually. The reason is personal, no pun intended. I just want to develop myself in terms of blogging skills, fitness writing skills, mass media, etc. Yup, I do believe in specialization… sometimes.

personal training in singapore

For those of you who are interested in personal training (training others or being trained by someone), I got to know a website that helps connect personal trainers and trainees - Trainers, you’ll be able to list your services down on the website for FREE! Go! Go! Go! However, there are also paid listing packages which you subscribe to get a higher placing on SFN’s website. Click here to find out more about their packages.

On the other hand, those who are looking for the right trainer to help you reach your goals will find the SFN helpful too! You can search by goals, location, gender, etc to find the perfect trainer that suits your needs. And I’m not just talking about building muscle mass or losing weight. SFN has a directory of personal trainers who offer training in pilates, yoga, self-defense and many other disciplines.

Click here to check out!


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