December 22, 2010

Arnold Classic Amateur 2011

The Arnold Classic Amateur Bodybuilding contest has gained a reputation for being the quickest route for an unknown bodybuilder to become a superstar, especially for non-Americans. The last two bodybuilders who won the Arnold Amateur each made a huge impact in the IFBB professional bodybuilding circuit.

Roelly Winklaar, 2009 Arnold Amateur winner, wowed the bodybuilding world when he finished seventh at the 2010 Arnold Classic, displaying huge, round and almost perfect arms. He followed that up with a Mr. Olympia-qualifying third-place finish in Australia before winning his first IFBB championship at the New York Pro in May 2010.
roelly winklaar

Essa Obaid, the 2010 Arnold Amateur champ, took even less time to make his presence known on the professional circuit. Four months after winning in Columbus, Obaid shocked the men's bodybuilding world when he won the IFBB Europa Super Show in Dallas in his pro debut in August 2010.
essa obaid

Winklaar and Obaid are expected to be among the challengers at the 2011 Arnold Classic.

So, the 2011 Arnold Amateur will be held on 3rd March 2011 and guess what? The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) are looking for athletes to bring as a team to the Arnold Amateur to compete! SFBF already has three top-form athletes ready to vie for glory at Ohio, Columbus and there's space for a few more.

If you're interested in competing in the Arnold Classic, send an email to Athletes will be chosen based on performance in recent competitions, current state of preparedness, and a personal interview.

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